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Updated on Aug 24, 2020. Posted on Dec 29, 2014

Is Chris Kirkpatrick Your One True Soulmate?

Find out here.

  1. 1. Do you own a pair of tiny baby glasses?

  2. 2. Have you ever considered using bungee chords for hair?

  3. 3. Has anyone ever told you that you should be a model?

  4. 4. Have you ever cradled an old fashioned microphone?

  5. 5. Do you practice self-love?

  6. 6. Do your pants spontaneously fall off in random situations?

  7. 7. *Lick*

  8. 8. How does this two-toned multi-length chunky goatee thing make you feel?

  9. 9. Pineapple heads?

  10. 10. Do you often find yourself in compromising positions with the other 4 members of your boy band?

  11. 11. Goggles are good for...

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