Apple Is Finally Discontinuing The iPod, And These Pics Show How Wild The iPod Craze Of The Early 2000s Was

    RIP to the iPod.

    1. Yesterday, Apple announced that they were discontinuing their last iPod product, the iPod Touch.

    Steve Jobs onstage introducing an iPod

    2. For millennials, the iPod was one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology of the time.

    Steve Jobs showing off the features of an iPod onstage

    3. It was the *it* accessory of the early 2000s.

    A group of smiling young people holding up their iPods attached to earbuds

    4. A game changer.

    A young woman with earbuds listening to her iPod as someone does her hair

    5. Everyone either had one or wanted one...

    A young woman walking, holding a small dog, and listening to her iPod with headphones

    6. ...and you were really proud of that thing.

    Kanye West holding up an iPod he's listening to with earbuds

    7. I mean, just look how happy Rihanna is posing with one!

    Rihanna wearing a crown, smiling, and holding up an iPod

    8. For background, the iPod was launched in 2001.

    An iPod in a docking station

    9. The first iPod could hold up to 1,000 songs, which was 980 more than a standard burned CD could hold.

    10. It had a grip on tweens unlike any other piece of technology.

    Steve Jobs onstage with the text "iPods" above him

    11. I remember being so jealous of anyone who had one. That thing was a million times better than my janky CD player.

    Young girl sitting on a school bus listening to music

    12. Remember: This was back when you had an iPod and a phone.

    An iPod in a case with earbuds next to an open flip phone

    13. You had to fit both in your pockets.

    Steve Jobs slipping an iPod into his front jean pocket

    14. Celebs were just as intrigued with them as we plebes were.

    John Mayer in a hoodie standing next to Steve Jobs and looking at the iPod he's holding

    15. From Madonna...

    Madonna wearing a cap and sunglasses, holding a beverage bottle, and carrying an iPod

    16. Matthew McConaughey...

    Matthew, shirtless and in long shorts, walks on the sand and listening with earbuds to an iPod attached to his shorts waistband

    17. Lil Jon...

    Lil Jon, wearing a camo jacket and sunglasses, holds up an iPod

    18. Paris Hilton, with her bedazzled one.

    Paris, holding several bags and with bags behind her, holds up her bejeweled iPod

    19. It was the piece of technology EVERYONE needed.

    John Krasinski holding up an iPod and listening to it with earbuds

    20. Like, you felt naked without it.

    John smiling and looking down at the iPod he's listening to, with a display sign "The new iPod" above him

    21. The iPod Mini was my personal favorite.

    Steve Jobs onstage with a colorful array of iPod Minis behind him

    22. It could fit in your hand.

    An iPod fitting in the palm of an open hand

    23. It was also really well made — like, it had good weight.

    Headshot of Steve Jobs holding up an iPod

    24. One of the most revolutionary upgrades was when the iPod started supporting video.

    Steve Jobs onstage showing an image on a large Mac screen and also on an iPod

    25. Now you could watch whole movies and TV shows on a teeny, tiny screen.

    Man holding up an iPod showing a scene from Seinfeld

    26. So fun!

    Person holding up an iPod

    27. Also, I can literally hear that spin wheel. The scrolling noise was like my first experience with ASMR. It was so satisfying.

    A hand holding up an iPad showing its options screen

    28. There were so many iPod accessories.

    29. You had the iHome speaker.

    An iPod in a docking station with speakers on either side of it in an Apple Store

    30. The armbands.

    A person with four iPods in a row strapped to their arm

    31. And my personal favorite, these adorable socks.

    Different-colored iPod socks in their packaging

    32. Every Apple event was super exciting because there was always an update to the iPod line.

    Steve Jobs holding up a tiny iPod with the Apple logo in the background

    33. Steve Jobs would get up there and unveil the new model.

    Steve onstage with iPods at different price points behind him

    34. They were always innovating.

    An iPod held between two hands

    35. And they were always getting smaller.

    A tiny iPod with no screen held up between two fingers

    36. I almost completely forgot about that one people wore around their necks.

    An iPod hanging from someone's neck

    37. Also, remember the U2 one? That was a thing.

    Bono and the Edge stand on either side of Steve Jobs holding up iPods

    38. The ads were equally iconic.

    Person walking by an iPod ad

    39. Remember this one?

    Person walking by an iPod ad showing silhouettes of people dancing while listening to them

    40. And this one?

    Colorful iPods in a row with their colors appearing to melt

    41. Truly a legendary piece of advertising.

    Another person walking by an ad with silhouettes of people dancing while listening to their iPods

    42. Basically, just wanted to say RIP to the iPod.

    A person wearing an iPod costume

    43. What a time to be alive.

    Katie Price wearing an iPod crown as she promotes her line of iPod accessories

    44. And let's pour one out for anyone who got one of these iPod toilet paper dock things. What a mistake.

    An iPod iLounge  docking station on a toilet tank on display in a store