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Clay Aiken Admits He's A "F*****g Dumbass"

We're listening.

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Clay Aiken is a man of many looks!

Grant Halverson / Getty Images

He's played politician...

Jeffrey A. Camarati / Getty Images

...sexual deviant to 57-year-old ladies...

Rolling Stone

...tiny baby glasses aficionado...

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

...and emo.

Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

But last night, Clay went for an entirely different look.

Last night, Clay admitted he was a fucking dumbass.

Remember all those times I defended @realDonaldTrump and believed he was not actually racist? Well... I am a f*****g dumbass. #imsorry

He backed up that tweet with a clarification.

TBC... I've always thought he would be a dumpster fire as a president, and I was right about that. I just didn't th…

And "bitch, please," he did not vote for Trump.

Bitch, please! If you think I have EVER been a "Trump supporter" you're as crazy as he is. #payattention

So really, that's that on that. Do what you want with this information. Xoxo.

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