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    Introducing The Hottest Professional Bo Staffer In The World

    I love bo staff now. Bo staff is really cool.

    Attention, my people, people of thirst, did you know bo staff is an actual, real thing that exists outside of the world of Napoleon Dynamite?!?!


    Well, do I have a sweet, sweet treat for you. It's in the form of a hot guy who is really good at bo staff.

    His name is Nick Bateman and here's a picture of him in his underwear.

    But back to the bo staff because we're not only about exploitation at BuzzFeed. Who do you think we are?! We are modern day gay men and women with forward ideals!

    I mean, look he also can fish which shows he's a provider.

    He believes in animal rights because of cats and tea.

    And don't get me started on his support of horses.

    It's genuine.

    One of the most funky, cool parts about Nick is that he is always hangin' with shirtless guys.

    It's like every single person he knows doesn't own a shirt.

    And that's pretty cool.

    But back to the bo staff, he can do it. I think he's good at it.

    Even Jonah Hill agrees!

    So, let's celebrate Nick, his bo staff, and salads.

    For all of you nice folks into armpits, here's this nice little treat.

    In conclusion, I want to visit Nick's shirtless bo staff world.

    It seems really nice there.

    H/t Calvin.

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