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    In Memory Of Zack + Kelly

    Love is dead.

    The horrible news:

    So, light a candle.

    And remember the better times.

    The volleyball games.

    The laughter.

    That time Kelly was orange.

    The poses.

    Kelly lifting Zack.

    The hairstyles.

    Zack's pants.

    That time Zack watched Kelly get a caricature.

    Their natural, festive nature.

    The charity walks.

    The beach club (and how big of a douche Mr. Carosi was)

    Deepthroating popsicles.

    Riding scooters.


    Such a powerful moment.

    That time they dressed up as flight attendants.

    Their increasingly sexy photoshoots as they got older.

    Their matching leather jackets.

    Zack's red bandana.

    No one could prom pose like Zack and Kelly could prom pose.

    And who could forget France!