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    In Memoriam: Benny The Boxer

    The internet lost one of its most famous, influential, and important boxers yesterday. RIP Benny the boxer.

    Dear world, let me tell you a story. It's about a boxer named Benny who came from nothing to become something. A real rags-to-riches story. The true American internet-famous animal dream.

    Raised by two hard-working parents, Mike and Chris, in the dreary depths of of "the Big Apple" (St. Marks Place eek), Benny knew he would have to stand out in order to survive the crust punks and loud-ass sirens.

    He was going to make it.

    He just had to figure out how.

    So, he did what he did best, he used his natural talents and literally just stood there and looked cute.

    And you know what? It worked. People began to take notice. Here was this boxer looking cute...

    ...he was onto something.

    Then his godfather Grover got involved.

    Benny will best be known for changing the way we view boxers. Normally stubborn and unwilling to participate in costume contests, Benny broke stereotypes and boundaries. The limit did not exist for him.

    A few years back, his Godfather Grover introduced him to the world of costumes, glam, and applause.

    Benny was known by all at the world's most important dog costume contest, the Tompkins Square Halloween dog parade. His impact was real and quick. It was Benny's world, we were just living in it.

    His first costume, Antoine Dogson, literally took the world by storm.

    It was overwhelming for Benny at first being all internet-famous dog and stuff...

    ...but Benny never let it (the fame) get to his head.

    He always wanted bigger and better things.

    The next year he was a toddler in a tiara. A dog ahead of all trends, he was technically the original Honey Boo Boo.

    That was great and all, but his biggest success and most well-known achivement was Butthead.

    View this video on YouTube

    Butthead was inescapable...

    ...his ass was everywhere.

    Good Morning America, CNN, BuzzFeed, etc. EVERYWHERE.

    Twitter: @i!/AndrewGauthier/media/slideshow?

    But Benny wasn't only a famous dog. He was also an awesome dog.

    A true friend to all.

    And really ridiculously cute.

    He will be missed by all, especially his friend Sadie. The two were rumored lovers, though there is no confirmation on that.

    We love you, Benny. May your impact and legacy live on through those you touched with your talent and those eyes.

    And last thing, thanks for sitting like this. It was hilarious.

    All pictures provided by surviving family members of Benny.

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