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In Case You Were Wondering, This Is What The Guys From Daft Punk Look Like Without Their Helmets

If you're like me, then you wanted to know.

Daft Punk as you know them...

...wearing their kind of terrifying futuristic robot masks.

And here they are eerily standing behind Taylor Swift.

BUT HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY? (aka you haven't bothered to google it).

In an interview with, one-half of Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter, said:

"We don't believe in the star system. We want the focus to be on the music. If we have to create an image, it must be an artificial image. That combination hides our physicality and also shows our view of the star system. It is not a compromise."

And now, if you haven't seen, here they are without masks.

BEHOLD, the men of Daft Punk playing champagne beer pong.

Here is Thomas Bangalter slowly walking out of the ocean.

He kind of looks like a balding Shia LaBeouf.

And here's a really old picture of the other guy, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.


And now you know/will never look at Shia LaBeouf the same way again.

Note: FYI, there was a picture featuring half of the face of someone who appeared to be Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. It was not. That photo has been taken down.