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    People Online Are Saying We're In The Midst Of The "Lohanaissance," And Hallelujah, What A Time To Be Alive!

    I've been waiting for years.

    Mercury goes into retrograde.

    Pluto returns.

    And we are on the precipice of a cultural shift with Lindsay Lohan's incoming comeback.

    We are, and I'm saying officially, in the midst of the Lohanaissance.

    For years now, we've been waiting for this to happen.

    All i want from the hollywood sphere is a lindsay lohan-aissance. She deserves it, i deserve it. We all deserve it. So let’s make it happen Hollywood execs. Pls and thx 🥰

    Twitter: @oreiadae

    We've been wishing. We've been hoping.

    Every time I start squealing about the Lindsay Lohanaissance:

    Disney/ Twitter: @emily_f_miller

    And I'm happy to say it's finally here.

    The Lohanaissance has begun 👏👏👏

    Twitter: @yankthetank_

    Starting in 2021 there were whispers about this shift.

    Twitter: @TheTikiTender

    In May, Netflix announced that Lindsay would be back to acting.

    Lindsay Lohan will star in a new romantic comedy about a newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress who finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter after getting total amnesia in a skiing accident

    Twitter: @netflix

    Even the Bagel Bites account knew something was up.

    @netflix the lohanaissance is upon us. gonna watch confessions of a teenage drama queen to celebrate

    Twitter: @BagelBites

    In 2022, she was in a Super Bowl commercial.

    lindsay lohan has a super bowl ad in 2022... HER COMEBACK IS HERE

    Planet Fitness/ Twitter: @notgwendalupe

    And the fans said it again.

    If this is the beginning of the Lohanaissance, I'm in.

    Planet Fitness/ Twitter: @tblake24

    I'm here to say that it's finally here.

    The Lohanaissance is upon us! First step super bowl commercial, next step Netflix movie domination 🙌🏼! #LindsayLohan

    Twitter: @fakelexapro

    Not only is she booked and busy, but she also just seems genuinely happy.

    She got engaged last year.

    Like, they're actually very cute together.

    And all of her pictures scream "love and light."

    From cakes... sunsets.

    Our girl is on top of the TikTok memes.

    And I'm calling it now, this is her year!

    ALSO, this just in: Netflix announced that they signed a two-film partnership with her!

    So yeah, if you're depressed, just know that the Earth has been around for millions of years, and you are alive for the Lohanaissance.

    Aren't we all so lucky to be alive?