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    IMPORTANT: Tina Fey Is Trying To Organize A "Mean Girls" Reunion


    HERE'S THE DEAL: Lindsay Lohan was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy brought up how Mean Girls was having its 10-year anniversary.

    Woohoo. Great.

    SO THEN Lindsay launches into this whole thing about she saw Tina Fey backstage (WTF?!?!?) and Tina told her she's trying to organize a Mean Girls reunion. She said Tina told her she's working with Lorne Michaels, aka "the Big Boss," so THIS MAY ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

    See here for yourself. It starts at 2:30:

    View this video on YouTube

    If you didn't already know, three weeks ago, Lindsay reunited with Kevin G and Damian.


    Now please do your part by crushing two candy canes, rubbing foot cream on your face, and lighting four sacrificial candles (one for each mean girl).


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