Important Reminder That Freddie Prinze Jr. Has Aged Gracefully And Is Now A Huge DILF

Just FYI.

1. ALERT: Freddie Prinze Jr. has been spotted at Disney Land. He has grey hair now. He is still really hot. You would totally still hit it.

Sharpshooter Images / Splash

2. Here he is DILFing it up:

Sharpshooter Images / Splash

3. Here’s a totally not creepy close-up of his arm veins:

Sharpshooter Images / Splash

4. Here, again, he’s being a hot dad:

Sharpshooter Images / Splash

5. Here he’s smiling with teeth:

Handout / Getty Images

6. Here he’s smiling without teeth:

Handout / Getty Images

7. He hasn’t stopped wearing those horrible pants from the late ’90s, but that’s like cute or something.

Handout / Getty Images

8. Here he’s stabbing a knife into your heart because he’s so fucking cute and him and Sarah Michelle Geller are a perfect couple and you will never be as happy as them:

Splash News

And that’s all the photos we have of him taken in the past few years. Stop being a hermit, FPJ. The world needs that hot ass.

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