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    36 Inspiring Images That Capture The Year In Marriage Equality

    Its been a really awesome year.

    For the past couple of years, people in Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, and Washington have been working tirelessly for equality.

    People young...

    ...and old,

    having one-on-one conversations,

    This is from Washington.

    holding their own fund-raisers,

    ...and basically teaching people what equality is all about.

    Families in Maryland,


    and Washington all advocated for their gay friends and family.


    This is Washington State Rep. Jamie Pedersen and his family.

    Catholics in Maryland,

    Lutherans in Washington,

    even churches...

    ...and preachers joined the fight.

    The moms in Montgomery County, Maryland,

    the unions in Baltimore,

    the canvassers in Sanford, Maine,

    and this guy in Minnesota all made a difference.

    Then Election Day happened.

    Families united.

    And everything passed.

    People in Maine,


    and Washington acknowledged the fact that they could finally get married in their home states.

    Then everyone celebrated.


    Mainers Lauren Snead and her partner embraced in Portland, Maine.

    Joel Page / AP

    Marylanders Keesha Patterson and Rowan Ha got engaged.

    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    Some people partied...

    ...while others looked on amazement.

    In Seattle, hands were raised,


    bubbly was popped,


    and kisses shared.


    Rick Sturgiol and his partner of 34 years cheered...

    Elaine Thompson / AP

    ...while other people dressed up as gay bacon.

    Ted S. Warren / AP

    And of course, the Castro in San Francisco went wild.

    To sum everything up in three tweets:

    Oh, yeah, Wynn finally got to wear his lobster shirt too. Everyone wins.