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    Posted on Apr 7, 2016

    Lana Del Rey Gave Zero Fucks In 2011

    2011 Queen of social media clapping back.

    The year was 2011. Oprah had her final episode, a gallon of milk cost $3.39, a horse herpes outbreak forced rodeo queens to ride stick ponies, and Lana Del Rey responded to Facebook, Twitter, and even the true filth of the internet, YouTube comments.

    In 2011, she ruined lives, destroyed careers, and (metaphorically) murdered her haters.

    Because nothing truly dies on the internet, I've compiled a list of her greatest comebacks from around that great year of 2011.


    First up we have Kathi Longstreth Kindelspire. She looks like a kind lady.

    Except she's not. Here's what Klassi Kathi wrote on Lana's wall:


    For those who can't read Kathi's klassy comment, it says: "i WONDER WHO SHE HAD TO SUCK OFF TO GET AN ALBUM SINCE SHE CANT SING."

    To which Lana replied:


    "I'll pray for you Kathi- you and that disgusting mouth of yours. God Bless"

    Then we have Richard. Richard liked Lana before he saw her image.

    "damn i liked your sound for a second ... then i saw your image."

    Lana replied:

    "Shut the Fuck up"

    This Sparklepuss nobody made a Lana Del Rey parody video.


    Then Lana messaged them:

    Here's a mashup of a Lady Gaga and Lana song on YouTube.


    The top comment is from Lana:

    Here's a favorite. "Is the blank stare and parted lips a necessary factor of the look?" NightatheRoses asked:

    Lana replied:


    "it definitely is, bitch."

    This person was a wise-ass when pressing Lana about the release of her short film Tropico.

    "Tropico coming soon *5 months later* Tropico coming soon um no bitch release this shit"

    Lana replied:

    "it's coming you little bitch"

    When someone suggested that Lana had had plastic surgery, Lana replied:

    "Right - i didnt get surgery whoever the fuck u are - i didnt even have a house to live in let alone $ to fuck w my face."

    She also said she likes being ugly because it's fun:

    And lastly, here's a DM Lana sent some lyin' MFer:

    I pity the fool who fucks with Lana.

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