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    35 Foods That Scream, "I Was The Rich Friend Growing Up"

    A post for anyone who drank Snapple from a glass bottle while watching a movie on a big projection TV in their finished basement.

    1. Fancy ice cream "loaves" of any kind, especially Viennetta:

    2. Glass bottles of Snapple:

    3. Sun-dried tomatoes:

    4. A freezer full of fancy popsicles:

    5. Boxed mac 'n' cheese from a brand that wasn't sold at every supermarket:

    6. Lunchables:

    7. Choco Tacos or any type of frozen dessert you normally get at a pool or baseball game concession stand:

    8. Reese's Swoops or any Reese's products, like peanut butter sauce:

    9. Magic Shell:

    10. Individual bags of chips:

    11. Gourmet chocolates:

    12. Kudos:

    13. Fruit String Thing:

    14. Cheesecake snack bars:

    15. Kid Cuisines:

    16. Sushi delivered from a fancy restaurant:

    17. SnackWell's or any type of dessert "diet food":

    18. Spring mix salad:

    19. Williams Sonoma condiments:

    20. Minute Maid juice bars:

    21. Natural peanut butter:

    22. Gourmet preserves:

    23. Shark Bites:

    24. Vegetable chips:

    25. Any kind of popsicle with bubblegum eyes:

    26. Steak sauce from a real New York steak house:

    27. Cereal that is basically candy:

    28. Bottles of anything you'd only be able to get out of a vending machine:

    29. Toaster Strudel:

    30. Yogurt with candy you put into it:

    31. Clearly Canadian:

    32. Water delivery with a cooler that had a hot and cold spout:

    33. Sparkling water:

    34. Häagen-Dazs:

    35. And, of course, Andes mints: