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    37 Things Everyone's Rich Friend Had Growing Up

    Aka a list of stuff you deep-down wished you had.

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    1. This big-ass projection TV that weighed 800 pounds.

    Sure, it had shitty resolution and took up more floor space than a love seat, but that didn't matter! In the '90s your self-worth was determined by how gigantic (in size and weight) your television was!

    2. Any kind of exotic reptile as a pet.

    Bronwyn8 / Getty Images

    Half the time they were the type of pet you couldn't even play with, 'cause you could kill it by playing with it, or it could kill you!

    3. A TiVo.

    Another piece of technology that seemed like it came from some distant future. It was basically magic.

    4. A trampoline.

    EVERY rich kid with parents with questionable safety concerns had a trampoline.

    5. An in-ground pool with a diving board.

    Above-ground pool? Yeah no. Your rich friend had an in-ground pool and that was the only place you wanted to be in the summer. They probably had noodles and elaborate pool floats too.

    6. A collection of Super Soakers.

    NERF / Via

    Most kids were lucky if they got ONE Super Soaker! But having enough of them to have a full-on war in your backyard at the peak of summer was a rich kid thing.

    7. Playmobil toys and play sets.

    Playmobil was one of those brands that not only was pricey (all those figures, play sets, and accessories added up!), but you could only usually get them at specialty toy stores! Fuck. That.

    8. A big-ass house thing.


    These were those GIANT doll houses were that were not only 3/4 your size, but also made you think, My god, where do they sell this?! 'Cause I've never even seen or imagined something like this in my entire life!

    9. A lifesize Barbie.

    A regular 11.5-inch Barbie? Please, only a Barbie whose clothes you could also wear would do for your rich friend.

    10. A treadmill in their furnished basement.

    Did anyone in that family ever use the treadmill? Obviously not, but this was a rich kid's basement staple.

    11. A WORKING air hockey table.

    Sisavath Sirithasack /YouTube / Via

    Some people had air hockey tables, but they were dusty and janky — we're talking air hockey tables with actual working air and that plasticky smell.

    12. Some kind of pinball machine in their furnished basement.

    The pinball machine was really only fun for, like, one or two tries, but you had to play it every time you went down into their basement.

    13. A CD burner.

    If your friend was an early adopter to the CD burner, then you benefited from that shit real good.

    14. Twelve-packs of Snapples in glass containers.

    There was a time Snapple was just a tad bit bougie. First off, it came in glass bottles; second, you couldn't get a case just anywhere; third, it was hella pricey for a case of it! I guess all those facts under the cap came at a cost?!

    15. Digital cable.

    Back in the day, people didn't have all of the channels. If your friend had digital cable then you would literally go over to their house to watch "digital cable" (even though it was basically the same thing as regular cable minus the PREMIUM movie channels).

    16. A piano room.

    Literally no one ever went in this room, well, except for the housekeeper.

    17. A pile of Uggs at their front door.

    A pair for everyone in the entire family!

    18. A popcorn machine.

    Because microwavable popcorn was for the poors.

    19. A large, beautifully furnished deck.

    Oneillbro / Getty Images

    'Nuff said.

    20. A hot tub.

    Hot tubs are kind of gross if you think about it (you're literally stewing around in your own filth), but they're also kind of awesome. If your friend's parents actually let you go in their hot tub then that shit was good fun for about five minutes.

    21. A bathroom in their room.

    20th Century Fox

    Rich friends = big houses and mad bathrooms.

    22. Matching pajama holiday pictures.

    How come the kids that grew up rich always had those matching pajama family holiday pictures


    23. A professionally shot and framed picture of their dog who was still alive.

    Beer5020 / Getty Images

    Because they're a member of the family too!

    24. A refrigerator that looked like a cabinet.

    It just looked rich.

    25. A trash can in their kitchen that was impossible to find.

    Solarisimages / Getty Images

    Because rich people don't make garbage!

    26. SUVs with leather seats.

    It was probably a Navigator and it was really fucking huge. The ultimate mall taxi for you and your friends.

    27. A DVD player in their car.

    Because you needed to be entertained on your 20-minute drive to the mall.

    28. Surround sound in their house.

    Bonus points for satellite radio.

    29. An entire set of encyclopedias.

    Didn't finish your work in the library? Normal kids were shit out of luck. Your rich friend? That lucky SOB owned a set at home.

    30. A fountain.

    What is this, the Louvre?!

    31. Extensive collections of Game Boy accessories.

    Only rich kids had these attachments for the gameboy 😂 #gameboy #nintendo #90skids #throwback #classic #retro…

    They could always play in the dark.

    32. Robotic animals.

    Twitter: @The90sLife

    Honestly, what was the point of these robo-dogs other than to say, "We can afford to waste our money on frivolous things"? The dog could basically only turn its head. Hardly a robot!

    33. A subscription to Nickelodeon magazine.

    Because did anyone actually order a subscription from that commercial besides your rich friend?

    34. A MASSIVE VHS collection.

    Every kid probably owned a good amount of movies, that they would watch over and over, but, of course, there was that one rich friend whose house looked like fucking Blockbuster Video! Literally every night was a "Blockbuster Night" for them.

    35. A collection of American Girl dolls.

    American Girl / Via

    OK, having one doll and few accessories is one thing, but having a huge collection of dolls with all the outfits, accessories, books, and furniture was quite a whole other level.

    36. A Fisher-Price car.


    I am pretty sure you could buy a 1983 Honda Accord with what this thing cost in 1995!

    37. And finally, Lunchables.

    The privilege of building your own ham and cheese cracker sandwich or cold pizza was something only your rich friend could enjoy. Luxury!

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