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These Pictures Show The Huuuuge Difference Between JoJo Siwa's And Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Houses

WOULD YOU RATHER: Scary abandoned $60 million museum OR a shrine to candy and Club Libby Lu?

Well, well, well, I have good news for you! JoJo Siwa and Kanye West have finally met.


Because it's literally a hobby of mine and to celebrate this momentous meeting of minds, let's compare their houses!

Trading Spouses

As you probably know by now, Kim and Kanye's house looks like an abandoned museum.

It's basically empty.

JoJo Siwa's house looks like my second-grade art teacher's classroom.

Put the scissors down, JoJo!

Her house is adorned with numerous JoJo Siwa portraits throughout.

It's basically a shrine to herself.

: D

Kim and Kanye's house, has, well, pretty much nothing in it.

They have this dead-end hallway to nowhere.

It's the perfect place for a cult to thrive.

JoJo's house is full of candy.

It's basically like if a Club Libby Lu and a Claire's had a lovechild.


Kim and Kanye's house is basically the Death Star from Star Wars.

This is their bathroom.

Kim's Instagram

There are two chairs so you can watch people brush their teeth and/or kill someone.

If you're lucky, sometimes the angel of death stops by.

Say cheese!

JoJo's room would give Lisa Frank anxiety.

She has multiple rooms dedicated to her merchandise.

My personal favorite part of her house is the nacho machine.

Kim and Kanye's light switches are buttons, which is honestly pretty cool.

Their kitchen features famous Long Island medium Theresa Caputo, who wards off the ghosts of the many nuns who died there.

To sum up Kim & Kanye's: If you were a dead body I think it would be the perfect environment for you to slowly decompose, eventually mummify, and ultimately never be found.

Lastly, this is how JoJo decorates for the holidays.

And this is how Kim and Kanye decorate for the holidays (it's just a pile of green pumpkins).

So, which do you prefer?!

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