These Pics Of Ariana Grande, A Lollipop, And Pete Davidson Show They're In Love, I Think

    I'm not a love doctor, but this has got to mean something.

    Well well hello there Buzzfreaks, we are gathered here today to talk about some pictures of my new favorite couple: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. You clicked on it, you're getting it!

    Some of you, sorry to say, "haters," seem to think Ariana and Pete are jumping into their marriage too soon. I'll counter that with these pictures of the two leaving their $16 million NYC mansion apartment thing and say, the lollipop DOES NOT LIE.

    On closer inspection...

    That's love.

    Here's another picture of Ariana, Pete, and the lollipop.

    *Tips hat*

    As the gays like to say, "love wins."

    Then they got into a car.

    The end.

    Wow. That was riveting! Bye!