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23 Stories That Prove 2017 Isn't A Total Hellscape

Literally just a collection of wholesome, feel-good stories from 2017.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the best thing that happened to them so far in 2017. Their stories just might make your day a little better, so read 'em!

1. The cat that holds hands:

"My boyfriend and I adopted an 8-year-old cat who loves holding hands." —chanhc

"My boyfriend and I adopted an 8-year-old cat who loves holding hands." —chanhc

2. The internet best friends:

"I live in America, and I have an internet best friend who lives in Australia. She just bought a plane ticket to come meet me this year. I haven’t stopped smiling." —emmah313

3. The first kiss:

"I had my first kiss on Valentine's Day with a girl who didn’t rush or make me feel uncomfortable. It was a nice experience full of nerves and giggles and embracing how gay the both of us are." —danielac430d9267b

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4. The surprise T-shirt:

"Found out my husband and I are expecting our second child! We had been trying for a few months and we were beginning to get frustrated. I found out when my mom came to visit from Florida, so I put a T-shirt on my daughter that said “best big sis” when we picked her up at the airport. It was a great day." —kacielouised

5. The grocery store run-in:

"The other day I was at the grocery store with my oldest son, Cody. Cody has Asberbergers so he can be pretty reserved in social settings. This older gentleman stopped us to talk to Cody. He told him that he looks like a very intelligent young man and that he looks like he has a good head on his shoulders. He asked me if he was my son and I said yes. He then tells me that I did a great job raising him and that he can tell that Cody will do well in his life. When he said that I started to cry. This perfect stranger made both Cody and I feel great. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs due to his Asperger's and sometimes I feel like I could have done more. This gentleman didn’t know I needed to hear the things he said, but I did." —k45ff46f46

6. The wheelchair:

"I got my wheelchair so I can leave the house with less pain and without passing out." —roseh45ab50f3d

"I got my wheelchair so I can leave the house with less pain and without passing out." —roseh45ab50f3d

7. The date flake:

"I was recently at a bar all dressed up and ready for my blind date, who told me he was heading there 30 minutes prior. He doesn’t show after an hour and doesn’t respond to my text or call. I was clearly being stood up, and the sweet couple to the left of me picked up my tab and bought me another drink. They talked to me the rest of the evening and were so positive and funny. They really turned my night around and showed me he wasn’t worth worry!" —reillycoyotew

8. The new business:

"I took the first step to opening my own jewelry line by creating and buying a website domain. Just that little step makes me feel like I am doing something right with my life, which is a feeling I haven’t had in a while TBH." —alyssac44d07d80d

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9. The blizzard:

"I drifted off the road in a blizzard in Portland, Maine, recently. Over the course of 45 minutes at least 20 people stopped to see if they could help and make sure I was safe. Totally restored my faith in humanity." —lorrink

10. The visa:

"I’m engaged and my fiancé is from another country. His mom had tried twice before to get a visa to come to the US. With our upcoming nuptials, we did everything we could think of to help her get her visa so she could witness her son's wedding. To make a long story short, my fiancé and his mom will be able to have their mother-and-son dance at our April 8 wedding." —celestem41495448a

11. The baby:

"I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl after years of being told I would never be able to have children ❤" —brittritt1245

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12. The godmother:

"My godmother, who is my hero, has never come to visit me because she lives in another state, is horribly claustrophobic, and avoids planes at all costs. She surprised me last week telling me that she’s coming to visit and already bought her tickets! I’ve never been so excited!!!" —sheripop

13. The PhD:

"I'm a first-generation, low-income university graduate. This year I found out I got accepted to a fully funded PhD program to study my passion! When I started college I didn’t even know about PhDs or that I would ever have the ability to get such a degree. I’m so proud of myself and excited I can be an example for my siblings. I’ve made the first step towards achieving social mobility for my family and future generations!" —jordiriverap

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14. The drive-thru:

"The person in front of me in the drive-thru line at Starbucks paid for my coffee. Little did this man know that my bank account had been hacked so my card would have declined anyway, I had just gotten out of a horrible work meeting, AND I had started my period. He’s the real hero of 2017. Thanks, man." —brittanyh47fc42ed9

15. The lost dog:

"On New Year’s Day I was literally given the best present I could’ve ever asked for. After three months of looking for my lost dog, I finally found him thanks to the kindness of a stranger that just so happened to see my lost-dog poster on Facebook." —jenniferp416f2492c

16. The puppy report card:

"My puppy Jedi went to puppy camp (the kennel) for the first time while we were on vacation and he got five excellent report cards! I put them on the fridge like my mom used to do with my report cards as a kid!" —maddyliptak

"My puppy Jedi went to puppy camp (the kennel) for the first time while we were on vacation and he got five excellent report cards! I put them on the fridge like my mom used to do with my report cards as a kid!" —maddyliptak

17. The bad day:

"I was having a really bad day, going through a rough patch with my boyfriend (we are long-distance because of college). My friends knew something was wrong even though I didn’t directly say it. That night I was in bed when they came to my room with my favorite ice cream. Before college, I had never had friends, so a little thing like that really really hit the feels. No one has ever gone out of their way for me." —ginababy417

18. The pan pizza and chips:

"I was trying to pay for just a little pan pizza and chips at Target back in early January, and I had been anxious and just overall distressed because of some recent events. Usually I shake a bit trying to get out my money but that day I was shaking a lot, so this very generous man came up and paid for the food with his card. I couldn’t thank him enough and he just said, 'Don’t worry about it. Just make sure to give sometimes too.'" —pricefieldhellayes

19. The meaningful gift:

"After I got into college my dad bought three years' worth of school for a girl in a developing country so that she could go to school for the three years I would be in college. Instead of getting flowers or chocolate, my dad donated to a cause that I truly care about, which made it a much more meaningful gift." —katiec4c5152699

20. The friendly neighbor:

"In the middle of a snowstorm I was rushing to get to the hospital in time for doctors’ rounds for my husband, who was critically ill. First I went out to shovel my walk knowing I’d be too tired to do it later, and my neighbor Doug had already done it." —robertas46df10e24

21. The aircraft marshall:

"I was on an early flight out of Cleveland and sitting in the window seat. When I looked out the window, it sort of seemed like the aircraft marshall (the glowstick-baton guy) was looking back, so I waved at him AND HE WAVED BACK AT ME WITH HIS GLOWSTICK! It just completely made my day and I can only hope it made him smile as much as I did. You go, 2017!" —elliefeld

22. The coming out:

"I came out as a lesbian to my aunt and uncle on New Year's Day. About a week later my uncle texted me and said, 'I wanted to tell you before you left, but didn’t get to it, but just wanted to make sure you knew you never have to worry about being yourself around us and that we will always love and support you, almost always anyway, I don’t want you murdering people…' I ended up crying for almost an hour because nobody has ever showed me so much support." —macey1minor

23. The kind server:

"I was breastfeeding my 5-month-old at a restaurant and a young server approached afterwards and thanked me. She explained that she planned to breastfeed when she had kids, and hated that there was still a negative stigma attached to public nursing. She said my strength today will help prevent future moms like her from feeling uncomfortable or judged. I teared up — it was so nice of her say that." —laraanlacif

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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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