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The One Person You Probably Never Noticed In Britney Spears' "Piece Of Me" Music Video

I will honestly never watch this music video the same way again. Everything has changed.

The iconic sunglass move.

The iconic awkward sedated dancing in front of those light things in that big room.

The iconic furry white coat and original armography.

I mean, who are we even kidding?! "Piece Of Me" is iconic!

AND, she won MAD VMAs for it.


What kind of fuckery was that!

Anyway, so "Piece Of Me" is amazing and infamous (iconic) but it took almost 8 years to realize the TRUE star of the music video.

Ladies and gentleman, this random blonde girl:

The random blonde girl is the real scene stealer in the iconic bathroom dance scenes. As this Vine is captioned, "I CANT!!!! This one doesn't even know where she is!" Watch here:

And it only took 8 years to notice.

Watch the whole thing and follow along our new friend here:

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Number of times this post said the word iconic: 9.