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I Just Discovered This Hot Italian Millionaire Dad(dy) And Now I'm Pregnant

His name is Gianluca Viacchi. Back off.

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I came to work today with the basic intention of just trying to make is through the day without dying. Did I expect to find my future husband? No. Did it happen? Yes.


It all started when I logged onto a celebrity photo agency website. Generally, I like looking for pics of hot guys on the beach because it's an interest of mine. So, while looking, I found MY man.


His name is Gianluca Viacchi...


...and he is all fucking mine, so back off, you pieces of shit!


In the words of the great Demi Lovato:


I did some more research and found out he's Italian and a millionaire. He has $$$. He's apparently the head of the #GVLifeStyle brand but now basically just DJs around the world because that's what rich people do.


Now that you know that, let me tell you about our happy marriage! <3


Here's my man in his and my favorite Speedo. So cute.

I actually took this pic... 😇

Here he is DJ'ing some party because he's rich and that's what he does. Love when he smiles at me 😌

Here he is working out, trying to look nice for me.

This is actually an action shot where he's running toward me. I love when he does that 💋

Here he is catching a fish, I think. I don't remember! Time flies when we're together 😏

My bb 😎

This was that time when we got food on a roof or something. I love being rich 😊

P.S. we're still working on the whole giant clunky ankle bracelet thing. He loves 'em, I hate them. They'll be gone soon 🤗


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