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    34 Shirtless Guys That Made You Realize You Love Dudes And Dick

    Before Grindr these were all the torsos we had.

    1. Aladdin's revealing vest and nipple-less chest.


    2. Gaston's furry tits.


    3. D'Angelo's sweaty body.

    Sony Music

    4. Every time you walked by the Abercrombie store.

    5. Every time you saw an Abercrombie bag.

    6. Every time you saw an advertisement/billboard for Abercrombie, in general.

    Hannes Magerstaedt / Getty Images

    7. This Justin Timberlake Rolling Stone shoot.

    Rolling Stone

    8. The weird shirtless futuristic cowboy with unbuttoned pants from the Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There" video.

    Sony Music

    9. Literally just any guy you saw in a Speedo.

    Freemantle Media

    10. The Lawrence Brothers in that movie on the Disney Channel about being a castaway or some shit.


    11. That one Enrique Iglesias video where the girl gets on her knees and licks his abs.

    12. Seann William Scott's Teen People cover.

    Teen People

    13. All the DILFs on Baywatch.

    Getty Images

    14. Ricky Martin being covered in painful hot wax.

    Sony Music

    15. All of the hungry guys on Survivor.

    CBS / Via

    16. That hot guy in Britney's "Don't Let Me The Last To Know" video plus his butt cleavage on the surfboard.

    17. Slater.


    18. Freddie Prinze Jr. on the lawnmower in that movie Summer Catch.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    19. Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones.

    Paramount PIctures / Via

    20. Danny from Real World: New Orleans.

    MTV / Via

    21. Any Real World/Road Rules challenge because it was always in a tropical place which meant no shirts.


    22. Tyson Beckford.


    23. Any swimming event from the Olympics.

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    24. Bowflex commercials.

    25. Any time the guys from 98 Degrees revealed their fat tits.

    26. The gayest video of all time, "Quit Playing Games With My Heart."

    27. Every Google search for "X person shirtless."

    28. Every Geocities website I went onto while searching for shirtless celebs.


    29. Basically any episode from the shitty beach club seasons of Saved By The Bell.


    30. The Rock wearing a diaper.

    Getty Images

    31. This random guy from Calvin Klein ads.

    Calvin Klein

    32. Anyone shirtless on my mom's soaps. / Via ABC

    33. Ginuwine and "Pony."

    34. And every. single. underwear aisle.

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