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Holy Shit, Britney Spears Singing "Toxic" Without Auto-Tune Has Leaked

I wasn't ready for this and now I'm an --> 0 : )

When she's not busy reaming homophobia...

Britney Spears wrote a loving letter to her LGBT fans 🌈❤️

...or holding ultra-mega-exclusive runway shows in her fabulous home...

Britney Spears has been traveling the globe selling out multiple dates of her world tour.

imagine getting an audience this wild 20 years into your career. Britney is TOO relevant

Repeat after me: "In 2017, Britney Spears IS. TOO. RELEVANT."


There's only two types of people in the world


In all of her recent and ongoing successes, Britney had a little leak happen. This leak involved her song "Toxic."

As we all know by now, most songs, regardless of the vocalist, have Auto-Tune...but what most of the general public doesn't know about Britney is that she is, in fact, a vocalist.

Without further ado, grab some headphones and enjoy this Auto-Tune-less version of Britney's "Toxic."

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It's gorgeous.