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I Just Found Out That "Big Ed" From "90 Day Fiancé" Used To Look Like A Model And Wait, What?

I guess putting a jar of mayonnaise in your hair really works.

Ed, or "Big Ed," from this season of Before the 90 Days is, by far, the most outrageous character 90 Day Fiancé has seen since, like, last season.


I am a connoisseur of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, so watching Ed has been a complete cringe-filled "joy" of sorts.


I can't look away.


Also, poor Marie. Run, girl. RUN. He's awful!

That said, my mind was straight-up blown when I saw pictures of My King* from the '80s.


*90 Day Fiancé reference.

This is what Ed looked like in the '80s:

Here's a lil' shirtless pic:

And here he is on a bar:

I have shown these pictures to 25 people, and all of them can't believe it either. Who knew!


Now excuse me while I watch Ed at the pig farm for the 27th time.


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