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The Top 50 Pop Songs Of 2017

Only facts here.

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49. "Act My Age" by Katy Perry

Hate the sinner love the sin. That's how I feel about K*ty Perry. I also have no idea why this Target exclusive song was never released on the album.


42. "Get Over Yourself" by Kelsea Ballerini

Taylor Swift died (left country music) so Kelsea Ballerini could thrive. This song has one of the most fun choruses I've learned this year.


29. "Poor Me" by Shania Twain

2017 also gave us the first new Shania Twain album in 15 years. "Poor Me" is a weird lil' song that kind of sounds like the Chainsmokers but then goes into classic Shania territory. The song straight-up stings in the bridge when Shania sings about her real-life shitty ex: "I know it should get better / Oh, but it never does / I wish he'd never met her / Then everything would be the way it was."


25. "Better Man" by Little Big Town

A No. 1 country song written by Taylor Swift. Taylor is one of the best storytellers in music and this song shows just that. Say what you want, but T*ylor can write a song.

11. "Your Song" by Rita Ora

"Your Song" was UK top 10 and a US top 300. Problematic. 2017 was the year Rita Ora put out two high-quality bops. In the words of bitchy teens from, "We have decided to stan."

7. "Undercover" by Kehlani

I honestly wanted to put Kehlani's entire SweetSexySavage album on this list but...I didn't. So, I put my favorite song. The hook (I've never used that word lol) on this is incredible!!!

6. "Delicate" by Taylor Swift

Big Machine Records

The best song on Reputation that's not about awkward revenge. A quality Max Martin song that even my annoying straight brother likes. Impact.

1. "The Cure" by Lady Gaga

Other websites have ignored this 2017 masterpiece. Truth is, "The Cure" is the best song of the year. Chills every time this song starts with that weird whistle. On a personal note, I have never felt closer to God than seeing this song sung live. Lady Gaga's best in years! 2017's best song!

And here's the Spotify playlist:


Thomas Rhett's and Maren Morris's names were misspelled in an earlier version of this post.


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