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81 Things Yuccies Like To Talk About

A list of things you probably like to talk about.

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In case you missed it, the hipster is dead and the "yuccie" has replaced them. A yuccie is a combination of hipster and yuppie. They are all around us.

Chances are, if you're a yuccie, you like to talk about the following list of things.

Yuccies like to talk about...

1. The line at Trader Joes

2.Their favorite hot sauce

3. How they only listen to REAL country music

4. If they watch Game of Thrones

5. Why they don't watch Game of Thrones

6. Their work anniversaries

7. How they're still on their parent's phone bill

8. How it's actually cheaper to have a family plan

9. The appropriate time to switch between hot and iced coffee

10. Things they want to buy on Etsy

11. What they named their plant

12. How their plant died

i named my plant shawn but he's dying uh oh

13. Brita filters

14. Their preferred method to responding to people wishing them "happy birthday" on Facebook

15. How Vegas is only fun for a weekend

16. If they follow x on Instagram

17. Humidity

18. Hating karaoke

19. Loving karaoke

20. What their go-to karaoke song is

21. Only being able to do karaoke when they're drunk

22. The cheap beer they used to drink in college

23. How lame someone's engagement photos from high school they saw on Facebook

24. Not exercising

25. Going to bed early on the weekends

26. Their grandmother's email forwards

27. How they went to Ikea the other weekend

28. What they think of Dunkin Donuts coffee

29. How they can't drink vodka anymore

30. Vaguely about how much they pay for rent

31. Bros

32. Teens

33. How they're thinking about buying a bike

34. How they'd kill themselves if they got bike

35. What their favorite airline is

36. Jet Blue vs. Virgin America

37. Wearing sunscreen

38. Not wearing sunscreen

39. How they don't buy music anymore

40. Muting emails

41. How they "read the book"

42. How they gave up after the second season

43. How they say "gif"


44. What language they took in high school

45. How they can't speak any of that language anymore

46. How white wine is refreshing in the summer

47. Which is worse: Having mice or cockroaches

48. Hating music festivals

49. Outdoor seating and patios

50. Their opinion about coconut water

51. Sarcastically saying they're an alcoholic

52. If they should get chips and guac

53. Their dad using emojis

54. How there's no taco emojji

55. The style their dad texts in general

56. Not knowing what their dad does for a living

57. Their nuanced opinion about Lena Dunham

58. How they used to do hookah in college

59. The first CD they bought

60. How much they love carbs

61. Their mom joining Snapchat

62.How they couldn't have a dog because it wouldn't be fair to the dog because they're so busy

63. Their dreams, like ones they had while sleeping

64. How much they hate when people tell them their dreams

65. What time they got in last night

66. How they're a vegetarian (but they eat fish)

67. Discussing their AirBnb experiences

68. How they hate camping

69. Day drinking

70. Crazy experiences they've had eating (weed) edibles

71. Whether or not Jennifer Lawrence is "faking it"

72. What bank they go to

73. Whether or not there's an ATM near

74. How they don't understand "cash only" places

75. What food they ate in bed last night when they were drunk

76. That time they accidentally liked someone's Instagram picture they didn't follow

77. Not buying groceries

78. Finding a good #tbt

79. Being hungover

80. What weather app they use

81. And having no idea how to do their taxes

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