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    21 Gay Cousin Tweets That Are Funny To Me And Probably You

    The gay cousin is the most important family member and that's a fact.

    First of all, it's written in the Bible and the liner notes of Britney's Blackout that everyone has a gay cousin. If you don't have a gay cousin, then you ARE the gay cousin. This isn't some new aged doctrine, it's a fact. Since like the Middle Ages or Gilded Age or whatever, this has been the case.

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    Anyway, as the gay cousin, we all know that it's that time of year again.

    Y’all ready to be the gay cousin at dinner next week?

    It's time for us to go to work.

    Gay culture is being that gay cousin who's gotta carry the weight of being the best family member.

    It's time for us to shine.

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    Without further ado, in convenient list for, here are a collection of 21 tweets that made me laugh because I, like you, am the gay cousin.

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    Me, the token gay cousin, arriving at a family gathering


    someone: if you don't have a gay cousin you ARE the gay cousin me, at 14: but i don't have one??? me, at 21: .......OHHHHH


    Gay Cousin. -Only does indoors work -Loved by aunts -Most likely to be Successful - dodges questions about bringing a wife home. -Boujee


    when you see your favorite gay cousin at thanksgiving dinner


    When it's the holidays and there's more than one gay cousin in your family


    me, the gay cousin, showing up at family gatherings with my volatile opinions


    Me at thanksgiving being the gay cousin


    my dumbass was sittin here thinking about who the gay cousin is in my family and then i was like oh wait that me


    arriving to the family event knowing you're the gay cousin and have a responsibility to uphold


    when you see the Other Gay Cousin showed up at a family event


    Me returning as the gay cousin for the holidays


    a few years ago I saw a post that said “everyone has a gay cousin, and if you don’t you’re the gay cousin” and I was always thinking “huh I wonder who in my family is LGBT” and I literally just realized oh shit it’s me


    my cousin told me she's a lesbian and im like if she's the gay cousin and im the gay cousin who's piloting the airplane


    when you’re the gay cousin during the holidays


    live footage of me disguised as "Not The Gay Cousin" during family christmas celebrations


    I'm the gay son, the gay brother, the gay cousin, the gay nephew, the gay grandson. I am the life of my entire family.


    me, the gay cousin, arriving to the family Xmas party & greeting my fav cousin


    Me arriving to Thanksgiving dinner as the designated gay cousin


    me and my gay cousins at thanksgiving dinner because my family favors me over them


    Being the only gay cousin at Thanksgiving dinner like:

    21. And last but not least, some words of advice:

    be the gay cousin u want to see in the world