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    29 Things That Will Make You Say "Damn, Wegmans Is Heaven On Earth"

    Wegmans 4 life.

    1. Their buildings are pretty much magical:

    2. And so is the inside:


    4. Like, this is Nobel Prize level stuff:

    5. It''s...BEAUTIFUL:

    6. WINE ON TAP?!?!

    7. I'm getting misty:

    8. They know that meat is the perfect way to show your love:

    9. And you know they got vegans covered too:

    10. And pretty much anyone who is looking to get down with some sugar:

    11. We're all in 2017 but Wegmans is clearly in 3017:

    12. They don't care if you're single:

    13. They're always willing to make a joke:

    14. Speaking of which, they REALLY know their cheese:

    15. They are KINGS OF CREAMER:

    16. They give the best advice:

    17. They've got TRAINS. TRAINS!

    18. And have I mentioned that subs? I mean...

    19. This is some gourmet stuff:

    20. The seafood. Sign me up!

    21. They also love their memes:

    22. And for you people with children, they've got you way covered on the diaper front:

    23. Don't even get me started on the seltzer:

    24. I mean, there's only the best of the best at Wegmans:

    25. They've got your back whether you've been coming in for one day...

    26. ...or your entire life:

    27. Not to mention that they don't take any B.S. from anyone:

    28. And to the people who say it's overrated?

    29. You know the truth: