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    How To Support American Values

    Your guide to freedom!

    Drive to the closest Chick-Fil-A.

    Wait in a really long line.

    The longer the better.

    Bonus points if it wraps around the store.

    While you're waiting in line you should sing the Chick-Fil-A song.

    Say hi to the sisters!

    Hi ladies!

    Snap a picture with the pro-family protesters.

    Get your food. Instagram it obvs.

    Post about it on Facebook.

    Tweets too.

    While you're on Twitter you should tell DJ from Full House how it was.

    You know what? Go crazy. Make an image macro of yourself.

    But don't forget to take a picture with your waffle fries!

    Or chicken sandwiches.

    Or boxes of chicken nuggets.

    After that there's only one thing left to do. Eat up!

    Keep on eating! The more you eat, the better!


    Oops! Almost forgot! Make sure you take some home for your dog.

    The end.