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How Joe Biden Convinces President Obama To Do Things

This is how things REALLY get done.

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Something was missing in Joe's life.

Sometimes it's hard being #2.

So he got a dog.

He texted Obama about how happy the dog made him.

Joe flagged the President down to talk about it.

They talked about it.

Golfed about it.

Asked his wife about it.

But finally he got a dog.

Another time Joe felt like getting ice cream.

He asked the President if he wanted to go with him.

Talked about their options.

Walked under an American flag.

Convinced him.

Went to get some.

Got the tab.


This last time Joe went on TV to endorse gay marriage.

The President saw Joe on TV.

Emailed him.

They met in real life.

Joe touched another man's leg.

"See, it's ok!"

Biden twists his arm.

He's persuaded.

Now onto convincing Hillary...

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