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    These 19 Pictures Put Into Perspective Just How Bad The Holiday Airport Cancellations Are — Like, I've Never Seen So Much Lost Luggage In My Life

    "I was told there were 12,000 pieces of unclaimed baggage at our airport by one employee and that it would take up to 30 days to get my luggage back by another."

    1. In case you didn't know, thousands and thousands of flights have been canceled this past week.

    Person pointing at Departures notice

    2. According to FlightAware (via the New York Times), over 11,000 flights have been canceled at Southwest alone.

    Man standing in a sea of luggage

    3. Nowhere is the chaos more apparent than at baggage claims.

    Holy baggage. Check out all the unclaimed luggage from @SouthwestAir flights at Harry Reid Intl.. we have the latest on the madness coming up at 5pm on @FOX5Vegas

    Twitter: @mariahjanos

    4. It's just a sea of lost luggage out there.

    Hey look at this Southwest Airlines situation at the Denver International Airport. It's definitely the most odd thing there, and what a quandary - look at all this unclaimed baggage, and an easily treatable subject. Flying can so inconvenient, and this airport is otherwise fi-...

    Twitter: @InsanityIsFree

    5. It's wild.

    I’ve never seen anything like this at Pearson Airport in Toronto. A mass of humanity and luggage upon arrival.

    Twitter: @Devin_Heroux

    6. "Most people who own these bags are stuck somewhere else in the US," Arizona reporter Michael Raimondi said.

    Lots of unclaimed luggage sitting at Sky Harbor tonight. This is about half of it, the rest is behind where I’m standing in this picture. Most people who own these bags are stuck somewhere else in the US @azfamily

    Twitter: @mraimonditv

    7. This person was told that there were 12,000 unclaimed bags in Houston alone and it could take up to 30 days to get their bags back.

    All unclaimed / excess baggage at one small airport due to the @SouthwestAir meltdown. Was told there were 12,000 pieces of unclaimed baggage at our airport by one employee, and that it would take up to 30 days to get my luggage back by another.

    Twitter: @Lunges___

    8. It's like a "luggage cemetery" out there.

    The entire floor of BNA looks like a @SouthwestAir luggage cemetery with tons of unclaimed bags and unruly lines. #freeourbags #SouthwestScrooge #EbenezerSouthwest

    Twitter: @littlelowry

    9. From Baltimore...

    @SouthwestAir unclaimed luggage at @BWI_Airport

    Twitter: @MiriamMagnuson

    10. San Diego...

    A small representation of unclaimed luggage at San Diego Airport. That's the bad news. The good news is my friend's flight looks to be 1 of 8 actually taking off on Southwest Airlines...San Diego to Austin.

    Twitter: @sheryladams4406

    11. Chicago...

    Southwest has turned some of its baggage carousels at Chicago Midway Airport into temporary holding pits for unclaimed luggage. The Chicago Police Department and airport security are guarding the area. The suitcases are organized by the departure city ie PHX, LAX, LAS, etc...

    Twitter: @KevinLewis7News

    12.'s a mess.

    Hey @CBC @CTVVancouver @GlobalBC if you’re having a slow news day, come check out the disaster that is @yvrairport and @AirCanada luggage. There are thousands of unclaimed bags and AC’s priority seems to be putting up a screen so no one can see this sea of bags

    Twitter: @heinous_alex

    13. In Las Vegas, it looks as if the entire lower level is all bags.

    Back at @LASairport this morning. These are the unclaimed/missing bags outside the @SouthwestAir baggage services office. Close to 250 flights cancelled here already for today. @8NewsNow

    Twitter: @RyanMattheyNews

    14. Just look at these trolleys overflowing with people's stuff.

    My mom work at the airport, she said the 3000 pieces of unclaimed luggage inside is only a fraction of it 😭

    Twitter: @AngelxAura

    15. "This is truly a holiday NIGHTMARE" is an understatement.

    A better view of all of the unclaimed luggage here at @flystl in the @SouthwestAir terminal. I’m told the baggage claim line is a 4 hour wait. This is truly a holiday NIGHTMARE. @ksdknews

    Twitter: @MercedesMackay_

    16. And people have no choice but to wait.

    Lots of delayed passengers also means — lots of unclaimed baggage by the Southwest office. Wow! @nc5

    Twitter: @ChrisDavisMMJ

    17. Lines to talk to agents in some places are still very long.

    @Angry_Staffer That’s a very fair question - we’re stuck out in STL trying to come home to D.C. & lines are nightmarish! Don’t even ask how insane baggage is - 5/6 rows deep of unclaimed bags. This is the line I’m in to even talk to a Southwest agent! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Twitter: @kmharris03

    18. And flights are still being canceled.

    This morning’s view of baggage claim at Sacramento International Airport. According to @flightaware, another 140 Southwest flights canceled for today.

    Twitter: @ClaudeStefanian

    19. It's looking as if this nightmare is far from over.

    Person standing in a sea of luggage