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    Hilary Duff Re-Created Her Iconic "That's So Gay" Commercial, And I'm Sorry, But That's Fighting For Gay Rights

    One of the greatest things she's ever done.

    The year was 2008.

    Kids celebrating in Times Square with "2008" eyeglasses

    Barack Obama was just elected president.

    Barack Obama walking in a suit and tie

    Kim Kardashian's biggest gig was as a WrestleMania host.

    Kim in a formfitting outfit in the wrestling ring

    Lady Gaga took pictures with SodaStream machines so she could get one for free.

    Gaga standing in front of a table with SodaStream soda-makers

    And Hilary Duff ended homophobia once and for all.

    Hilary waving

    Back in 2008, Hilary did a "That's so gay" commercial.

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    The commercial has become somewhat legendary on Gay Twitter.

    that’s so gay? more like that’s so SLAY (of hilary duff) #Pride2022 😋😋

    Ad Council / Via Twitter: @rileygtracy

    Like, you'll always see people tweeting about it.

    saying “that’s so gay” not in a homophobic way but as an attempt to summon hilary duff

    Twitter: @rlytea

    So it was really exciting to see Hilary acknowledge it on TikTok with a 2022 re-creation.

    We all know Hilary Duffs career highlight was doing the “that’s so gay is not okay” commercial

    Twitter: @romanthediamond

    Here it is:


    @Scott Hoying & @markmanio410 tying the shirt on as a skirt/top made me say yes😂 also 14 years later -still holds up ♥️

    ♬ original sound - hilaryduff

    And just like that, homophobia was once again ended.

    Thank you for paying homage to gay history <3.

    Hilary smiling and sitting with an open children&#x27;s book with the caption &quot;Don&#x27;t say gay&quot;

    Now please stream "Sparks."

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