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    There Was A Dog Prom, And It Was Incredible

    Truly unforgettable.

    Before we even talk about the actual prom, we MUST talk about Luna's adorable prom proposal to Ollie. It was perfect.

    Ollie of course said yes.

    Now fast forward to the big night. The theme for this year's festivities was, "Starry Starry Night."

    It was a night filled with glitz and glamour and awkward high school moments.

    Many of the dogs arrived by limo or private car.

    Couples lined up to walk the red carpet...

    ... and everyone felt like a star for a minute.

    The dogs looked amazing.

    Leopard print was totally in this year.

    Fuzzy pink scarfs were a surprisingly hot accessory. Who knew?

    Then it was time for portraits.

    Of course most of the portraits were incredibly awkward. What do you expect? It's prom.

    My favorite <3

    Then the real fun began.

    The punch was flowing.

    Everyone was dancing.

    Limbo got pretty out of control.

    The slide was pretty popular.

    And the congo line was cool (though more popular with the humans.)

    Then it was time for the announcement of prom king and queen.

    Congrats to Asa and Appolo!

    Not everyone had such a good time, though.


    But honestly, what can you do?

    High school is high school. They'll grow out of this awkward phase soon enough.

    H/t Fluffington Post.