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    I'm Endlessly Fascinated By Which Rooms Celebrities Decided To Film Their Videos In For Lady Gaga's Coronavirus Fundraiser Special

    Make your bed, Charlie Puth.

    Lady Gaga hosted her "One World" charity special yesterday and a ton of celebrities participated in it. My favorite part of the 8-hour livestream was seeing what rooms in their houses the famous people decided to film their videos in. I also liked the fact that it raised over $128 million!! Because I have nothing better to do, here's what rooms 55 celebrities filmed their Coronavirus support videos in.

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    1. Matthew McConaughey in his '90s office room:

    2. Charlie Puth in his messy bedroom:

    3. John Legend in his Grammy room:

    4. Elton John playing the piano in his driveway:

    5. Ellie Goulding's reclaimed wood room:

    6. Kesha's roller skates, colorful piano, and giant hand room:

    7. Sheryl Crowe's huge "Fried Chicken" ceiling poster room:

    8. Adam Lambert serenading a plant:

    9. J Balvin's large white couch room:

    10. Awkwafina's marble fireplace room:

    11. Jennifer Lopez' backyard with outdoor lighting resembling a nice hotel or amusement park:

    12. Oprah in one of her offices:

    13. Keith Urban's concert room or possibly garage:

    14. The members of the Rolling Stones in each of their respective living rooms:

    15. Lizzo in a glass room:

    16. Jimmy Fallon in some sort of adult treehouse:

    17. Amy Poehler and a beige wall:

    18. Shawn and Camila's piano room:

    19. Beyoncé on a balcony:

    20. Ellen's terrarium room:

    21. Kacey Musgraves and a large bay window:

    22. Paul McCartney in a room that looks like a kitchen but probably isn't because there's a large piano in it:

    23. Stevie Wonder and a curtain:

    24. Lady Gaga in her colorful floor room:

    Lady Gaga in her stripe room:

    25. John Legend in what I would guess is a guest room:

    26. Don Cheadle and tree:

    27. Luis Fonsi in his recording studio:

    28. Samuel L. Jackson in his backyard:

    29. Billy Ray Cyrus and his ceiling:

    30. Pierce Brosnan in front of a bunch of really colorful paintings:

    31. Michael Buble and a black wall:

    32. Jess Glynne in a hallway:

    33. Finneas near his front door:

    34. Sofi Tukker in their jungle room:

    35. Jack Johnson on some steps:

    36. Becky G and her bedframe:

    37. Juanes in his studio room:

    38. Connie Britton sitting in a chair with a glow filter:

    39. Annie Lennox and her wood paneling:

    40. Common in his fireplace room:

    41. The Killers in their stone room:

    42. Jennifer Hudson in her tiny guitar room:

    43. Jack Black's backyard of random recreational activities:

    Jack Black's kitchen:

    44. Matt Bomer and a completely non-descript white wall:

    45. Niall Horan's TV room:

    46. Celine Dion's completely white room:

    47. Taylor Swift's funky wallpaper room:

    48. Billie Eilish's orchid room:

    49. Idris Elba and an archway:

    50. Kerry Washington's color-coded book room:

    51. Billie Joe Armstrong's blue futon room:

    52. Sam Smith subtly showing off their Grammys room:

    53. Jessie J sitting on her floor:

    54. And Pharrell on a porch: