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Updated on Oct 11, 2018. Posted on Sep 24, 2018

Are You An Avril Gay?

This may surprise you.

There are many different types of gays.

I’m friends with a lot of different gays. Madonna gays. Britney gays. Ariana gays. Carly gays. Cher gays. Bette Midler gays. But tbh, I think I might be... ... ... An Avril gay.

The most rare of gays is the Avril gay. While many don't openly identify as one, you may be surprised that they are actually all around us. Complete the checklist below to see if you are one of the few, the proud: The Avril gay.

Gays come in all varieties—Britney gays, Madonna gays, Gaga gays, Cher gays, Tori gays, etc. But the most elusive and mysterious of all gays is definitely the Avril gays.

  1. Are you an Avril gay?

    Check off the following you agree with...

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