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    Harry Styles Covered Up All His Tattoos, And It's Like Looking At A Whole New, But Still Hot, Man

    With or without tattoos.

    In case you didn't know, Harry Styles is covered in tattoos. This tattoo website says he has 52.

    Harry on the beach with a towel around his waist

    We have the classic and now iconic below the boob butterfly or moth.

    The two swallows on the chest.

    He's got a heart and a holy Bible.

    Various locks and keys.

    A little "Things i can" moment.

    A tattoo of people shaking hands and the words "silver spoon."

    The man is a walking piece of art.

    So, it was especially surprising to see pictures of his tattoos covered up with makeup for a new movie he's in.

    The movie is called My Policeman, and I'm too lazy to google, but judging from the pics, I'd say it's pretty clear Harry is playing, well, a policeman.

    Enough of me jabbing away about shit I don't know about!

    Let's take a look at Harry with his tats covered up:

    Yes, this is what he looks like without tattoos:

    Harry tatted:

    Harry no tats:

    Though it appears the winged insect is peeking out.