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This Picture Of Mariah Carey Leaving A Weed Dispensary Is Truly Ridiculous And Amazing

My new inspiration.

A few days before you-know-what happened, Mariah Carey was in Aspen living her fabulous Mariah Carey life.

You know, keeping it casual with enormous Christmas trees, rhinestone bustiers, a blowout, and a simple plaid shirt. Luann de Lesseps was wrong: Money CAN buy you class.

Well, because weed is legal in Colorado now and because why the hell not, Mariah was spotted leaving a weed dispensary. But this wasn't just any normal trip to a weed dispensary, this was a Mariah Carey trip to a weed dispensary. We're talking gowns, people. GOWNS.

Ladies and gentlemen, in all her Mariah Carey glory, here's what Mariah Carey looked like leaving a weed dispensary 🙏

Notice the festive gloves. Santa Claus is seething.

The gown. THE GOWWWWN!!!

The mermaid cut of said gown. The white guy with dreads who sold her the weed is gagging!!!

Lastly, her smile. She is beaming like someone who might be ready to get a little high! Ah, the legal weed life!

In conclusion, live everyday like Mariah Carey leaving a weed dispensary in a gown.

Be the the 420 goddess you are meant to be.