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11 Celebrity Clapbacks That Will Make You Feel Like A Peasant

No offense to peasants.

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1. That time Tom from Myspace was like, "lol I'm rich as hell"...

...and you're like "I got it at Marshalls."

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2. That time Frankie Muniz was like "I retired at 19"...


...and you're like, "Fiddle me timbers, welcome to jamboree! Where the free food at?"

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3. That time Gabourey Sidibe was crying on her private jet...

...and you're like, "Guac still costs extra, I'm over that joke, and I have a bandana collection. FML."

Simone Van Den Berg / Getty Images

4. That time Iggy Azalea was all like "look at my liiiiiife"...

...and you're like, Let me sit on this pile of hay and complain about my data plan.

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5. That time Michelle Williams brought up her accountant...

...and you're like, "Mom, why is dad wearing that weird-ass shirt?"

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6. That time Normani was like, Why are you laughing?

...meanwhile you're like, "brb, let me balance this sword on my head."

Jrlphotographer / Getty Images

7. That time James Blunt was like, "I have a house"...

...and you're like, "I have a fiddle, wagon wheel, and 4 bails of hay."

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8. That time T. Boone Pickens was like, Drake's poor...


Surkovdimitri / Getty Images

9. That time Kim made it be known she made 80 MILLION DOLLARS from a VIDEO GAME...

...and you're like, "My Hot Pocket just burned me."

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10. That time Rihanna was like, I have Prada shoes and mad money to donate to charity...


...and you're like, "Excuse me, do you have free Wi-Fi?"

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11. That other time Rihanna was like, Literally grow hair for me...

...and you're like, Let me play in a tree.

Tatiana Rodionova / Getty Images

In conclusion, if you don't feel like the peasant that you are, here are some Kanye West tweets because everything Kanye West says will give you that sweet, sweet peasant feeing:

Have a nice life!

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