The God Warrior Has Resurfaced On TikTok, And This Is One Glow-Up We Love To See

    She's baaack, and she really is better than ever.

    You've seen her all over the internet.

    You've seen her all over this website.

    But for those who don't know her, back in 2005, Marguerite Perrin made history when she appeared on an episode of Trading Spouses.

    She didn't believe in "the dark-sided, new age, science, and doctrine."

    "Gargoyles, psychics, everything was ungodly" to her.

    From "it's tainted" to "it's dark-sided" to "she's not a Christian," Marguerite became an instant meme.

    The "God Warrior" was born.

    Today, her legacy lives on in every single BuzzFeed list I make because the God Warrior is a vibe, she is a feeling, and she will always be the moment.

    For years, the God Warrior became somewhat online lore. We didn't hear from her!

    But then, in 2019, the God Warrior appeared in New York City. Like a rare gazelle or something, she was spotted around town. The gays were losing their minds.


    Twitter: @politicalth0t

    Coincidentally, it was also Pride weekend.

    People celebrating Pride

    A picture of the God Warrior surfaced holding a rainbow flag.

    The God Warrior holding a rainbow flag

    Was the God Warrior officially an LGBTQ ally? Did she have a change of heart? I needed to find out.

    The God Warrior holding a Pride flag

    So, I did what any God Warrior stan would do: I messaged her and asked her if she loved her gay fans.

    Screenshot of a text message

    And she responded:

    Screenshot of a text message

    In case you didn't know, the God Warrior's daughter, Ashley, tragically passed away in 2007.

    Closeup of Ashley Perrin

    The God Warrior told me she wanted her fans to know that she appreciates their outpouring of love. She finds laughter in their impersonations and said "some do me better than I do myself."

    Then, she kind of disappeared again.

    A sign saying "Ally"

    It's been years since we've heard from her...

    Marguerite Perrin and Jay Leno

    ...that is, until now.

    The God Warrior has resurfaced on TikTok, and whew boy, it's pretty legendary if you ask me.

    She's back in New York, and she's turning it up!!

    If you do one thing today, I ask you to watch this video of her dancing:

    The clip went instantly viral.

    Screenshot of a TikTok comment

    The accolades started rolling in.

    Screenshot of a TikTok comment

    The queen was back.

    Screenshot of a TikTok comment

    As this person said, she's a real inspiration. This is what a real glow-up looks like!

    Screenshot of a TikTok comment

    Anyway, it looks like Miss Marguerite is doing great!


    Tell me your favorite go to places in the city! We just had Juniors & the sandwhich was as big as me. Mmhmm GOOD. #juniors #godwarrior #newyork #shesnotachristian

    ♬ original sound - Margaret Perrin

    Love you forever and ever!! <3<3