26 Opinions That Are Going To Piss Off Straight People But They're Right So Whatever

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    1. First of all, Britney Spears' version of "Satisfaction" is a hundred times better than the Rolling Stones' one...

    2. ...and Adele's version of "Love Song" is more gorgeous than the Cure's.

    3. Beyoncé is better than the Beatles, but you know that already.

    4. Honestly, Stacie Orrico is even better than the Beatles.

    5. Album wise, Blackout is far more influential on music than Dark Side Of The Moon.

    6. I'd much rather watch these cowgirls...

    7. ...than these barbarians.

    8. This is one of the greatest indie rock songs of all time.

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    9. There is more power and influence in this picture...

    10. ...than this one.

    11. I could give two shits about this couple...

    12. ...because I'm still thinking about this one.

    13. These three women could beat the shit out of all you.

    14. The Lizzie McGuire Movie is more iconic than Fight Club.

    15. The Sister Act franchise is better than the Godfather one.

    16. Romy and Michele is way more funny and better than the Big Lebowski.

    17. Entourage wasn't very good, in general.

    18. These women did more for the world...

    19. ...than any of these dusty old men.

    20. The Simple Life was better than MASH or the Sopranos or any of that shit.

    21. Khia is a better lyricist than Edgar Allan Poe.

    22. Coyote Ugly deserved an Academy Award...

    23. ...and Crossroads deserved at least a Golden Globe.

    24. 3LW are better than the Eagles.

    25. If compiled into a book, Cher's Twitter account would win a Pulitzer.

    26. Speaking of Pulitzers, this tweet alone deserves one.

    27. And Mariah Carey invented Christmas.

    Mariah is a christmas ICON. Like Jesus with better hair.

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