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    A Group Trolled George Santos With A Hilarious Giant Balloon Outside Of The Capitol, And People Are Loving It

    Tumble away, George. Tumble away.

    Last week, George Santos was exposed by the House Ethics Community for allegedly misusing campaign funds for *necessary things* like OnlyFans, botox, and Hermés shopping sprees.

    closeup of him talking to a crowd

    It was about the billionth time the Congressman from New York was accused of lying, but it could be his last while actually in office!

    George's time in Congress might be up because he could face an expulsion vote.

    closeup of him making a face of disgust while holding a folder

    Yesterday, the group MoveOn put a 15-foot George Santos balloon outside the Capitol.

    Twitter: @migold

    At one point, the balloon toppled over and was just rolling around Capitol Hill.

    Twitter: @joncoopertweets

    Like, come on, this is actually hilarious.

    Twitter: @bhaviklathia

    The jokes basically wrote themselves.

    Twitter: @washingtonian

    "The George Santos balloon will eventually be popped by a syringe of botox," this person said.

    Twitter: @rtgabriel2

    Another person photoshopped it tumbling down the Met Gala steps.

    Twitter: @Abbykl1

    You know, just another day in Congress!

    the large balloon floating in front of congress

    At least this time it was actually funny.

    Twitter: @Sam_Jeske


    the balloon upside down