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    Posted on Oct 7, 2013

    George Clooney Is The Best Part Of "Gravity" Because He Is Literally Real-Life Buzz Lightyear

    Take me. Also take me to space. But not really because space is scary as hell.

    Fact: Buzz Lightyear is kind of actually really sexy. The problem is, he's a cartoon and has purple hair and a swirl goatee.


    But OMG. You may have no realized it until now, but George Clooney is basically Buzz Lightyear. ANNND, in the movie Gravity, he plays a really hot astronaut.


    But hotter.

    What makes George Clooney in Gravity hotter is: A. He's real. B. He's a legit astronaut with an actual brain. C. He doesn't have a swirl for a goatee.

    Warner Bros

    He also has a jetpack which is cool.

    Warner Bros

    And brown eyes. Big, beautiful brown eyes.

    Warner Bros

    Now here are some random pictures from Gravity because it's hot.

    Right here, we have astro George making close contact with Sandy. Also astro George's name in the movie is Matt Kowalsky. That is a hot name.

    Warner Bros

    Space sucks... except it wouldn't if you were with George Clooney who was an astronaut.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / MCT

    Floating in space, on the verge of instant death, tethered to Sandra Bullock never looked so good.

    Warner Bros

    And in all honesty, the best part of Gravity was when George takes his helmet off. Jesus Christ. Save me.

    Warner Bros

    Now a word from Tina and Amy because they're always right:

    Thank you for your time.

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