20 Ridiculous Gender Reveal Headlines I Had To Read Twice Because I Couldn't Believe They Were Real

    Gender reveals peaked at the fart one.

    Gender reveals are basically over, canceled, completed.

    Gender reveal parties are *SO WEIRD*. Just came across this!

    For many, including the creator of gender reveals, the El Dorado fire caused by a gender reveal is the final straw.

    So, let's take a look at some of the most ridiculous gender reveal headlines of all time.

    1. The gender reveal that caused a minor earthquake.

    Blast from Waukee gender reveal felt over 2 miles away

    2. The gender reveal that caused a car to explode.

    Australian gender reveal party goes wrong as car bursts into flames

    3. The gender reveal baseball bash.

    Dad Accidentally Smashes Pregnant Mom in the Face With a Bat During a Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

    4. The gender reveal plane crash.

    Plane crashes after unloading 350 gallons of pink water in gender reveal stunt

    5. The gender reveal that turned out to be a pipe bomb that literally killed a grandma.

    Partygoers thought they'd built a clever gender reveal device. It turned out to be a deadly pipe bomb

    6. The gender reveal party that ended in a mass shooting...

    One killed, 8 injured at gender reveal party

    7. ...and it turns out the woman wasn't even pregnant.

    3 charged in 2017 mass shooting at Ohio gender reveal party for woman who wasn't pregnant

    8. The gender reveal party that caused a 47,000-acre wildfire in Arizona.

    'Gender reveal party' triggers 47,000-acre wildfire causing $8m of damage

    It started with a sign in the desert.

    They exploded it.

    The fire started.

    And the fire eventually turned into this:

    Fire engulfs a mountain

    9. The Applebee's gender reveal fight...

    ...that was over confetti.

    10. The gender reveal using a pet alligator.

    11. The gender reveal that went timber.

    Tree Falls On Dad-To-Be At Gender Reveal Party

    12. The gender reveal that resulted in a shitty Father's Day.

    13. The gender reveal that ended up with fireworks spraying everywhere.

    Gender reveal fireworks go wrong, spray Philly-area gathering

    14. The gender reveal that ended up with a baseball of blue powder in grandpa's face.

    Gender Reveal Baseball Hits Grandfather in the Face, Covering Him in Blue Powder

    15. The hippo/watermelon gender reveal controversy.

    Hungry hippo gender reveal deemed 'the worst' was 'one of the happiest days' for the couple

    I did it. I found the worst gender reveal.

    16. The gender reveal done with a monster truck.

    Monster Truck Driver Learns Sex of Upcoming Baby During Show

    17. The gender reveal fart.

    This Mom Revealed the Gender of Her Baby Via a Colored Fart

    Never. Forget.

    18. The backlash over the gender reveal fart.

    Woman's fart gender reveal video is slammed

    19. The husband who just got really mad about the gender at the gender reveal.

    Disappointed husband slammed 'sexist' for storming out of a gender reveal party

    20. And lastly, the lasagna gender reveal.

    It’s a boy? This NJ pizza chain serves up blue lasagna for that gender reveal party

    Gender reveal lasagna was a massive success 👦🏻💙