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33 Things That Were Basically Porn To Millennials That Gen Z Will Never Understand

*Waits for Enrique Iglesias to lift his arms in a music video*

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1. First and and most importantly: the underwear aisle.

2. And of course, underwear ads.

Calvin Klein

3. The Summer Olympics.

Gabriel Bouys / AFP / Getty Images

4. Real World vs. Road Rules challenges.


5. Danny.


6. The scene of Ricky Martin getting candle wax poured on him in the "Livin' La Vida Loca" music video.

Sony Music

7. The shirtless "greeter" in front of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Kathryn Scott Osler / Getty Images

8. The bags from Abercrombie.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

9. Baywatch for the twinks...

All American Tv, Inc. / Getty Images

10. ...but, also for the dads.

All American Tv, Inc. / Getty Images

11. Enrique Iglesias's belly button.

Getty Images

12. Literally any deodorant or cologne ads.


13. Anytime a boy band was shirtless.


14. Most of the guys from 98 Degrees.


15. That D'Angelo video.


16. Trent from Daria.


17. Your mom's soaps.

18. Those random Disney stars like Erik Von Detten or the Luck of the Irish guy...


19. ...but especially the Lawrence brothers.


20. Survivor, the show.


21. Mr. Clean.

22. Vintage Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Getty Images

23. The covers of Men's Health.

24. Commercials for Guys Gone Wild videos.

25. Freddie Prinze Jr. on a tractor.

Warner Bros.

26. Aladdin.


27. Bisexual icon Li Shang.


28. Adult Simba.


29. Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing.

Vestron Pictures

30. Lenny Kravitz.

31. Literally any butt in a movie.

Colombia Pictures

32. Literally any shirtless person in real life.

Peopleimages / Getty Images

33. And just a person wearing a tank top because porn was hard to find, gave your computer viruses, and you were terrified of your parents or siblings looking at your search history*.

Jive Records

*That's why we hid porn 13 files deep in a folder called "homework."

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