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    These 33 Gay Glow-Ups Are Truly The Most Inspiring Thing You'll See Today

    Because no one glows up quite like LGBTQ people do.

    We asked LGBTQ people in the BuzzFeed Community to show us their coming out gay glow-up. Grab a tissue because it's a ride.

    1. "2008 (closet) vs. 2018 (out of the closet). I now thankfully wear clothes that fit me." β€”Vincent

    badly fit clothes vs lookin good

    2. "From an awkward, confused high schooler to a confident and happy queer woman. It's called a big gay glow-up, honey, look it up!" β€”K42

    cute to even cuter

    3. "From denial to freedom." β€”Cristina

    pure happiness

    4. "From popped collar to public relations exec!" β€”Matthew

    happy then and happier now

    5. "Ditched my long hair, dresses, and boyfriend, and embraced the gay β€” and got a wonderful girlfriend in the process." β€”Victoria

    rainbow pride

    6. "From shy Catholic school boy to, well, whatever you wanna call it." β€”Dagiaaka

    catholic school kid to very cool dude

    7. "16 vs 26. I didn't come out until I was 19. Since then, there have been a lot of 'Wait, OMG, how did I not know I was hella gay?' moments" β€”Kelsi

    new year, same queen

    8. "From a closeted, depressed, 272-pound Nebraska boy to an out, proud, fitness-addicted Coloradan. Thank God for living authentically!"β€”Aaron

    an authentically happy person

    9. "Weird mouse girl still lives in my gay soul." β€”Paige

    rat queen to total queen

    10. "Left: 18 years old, just graduated from my religious high school, newly single after being dumped by my first boyfriend, and trying to figure out how I feel about Natalie Portman. Right: 30 years old, out bisexual, recently married to the woman of my dreams who fully supports my growing hat collection and interest in photography." β€”Ktez

    two very happy people

    11. "I was very depressed in high school because I was closeted. I think it physically manifested in my weight. But after coming out, I was able to make healthier choices mentally and physically. It took time but was worth it." β€”Eric

    fireworks to explosive selfie

    12. "Awkward baby queer in my twenties trying to fit in vs. 30-year-old badass registered nurse living under the rainbow with my loving girlfriend." β€”Javigl

    much happier

    13. "Back then, I was wearing plaid and dying my hair black from a box. Now my hair is natural, out of my face, and I smile much more." β€”Kevin

    natural king

    14. "In 10 years, I discovered skincare, embraced facial hair, and found my angles. Thank you, Holy Spearit." β€”recentlyheard

    working that pose

    15. "Before: 16, insecure, and too afraid to be honest about anything. Coming out made me self-confident and inspired me to become an educator because I wish I could have had a role model like me when I was younger." β€”Diane

    insecure to not

    16. "16 vs. 26. Green Day vs. Madonna." β€”Michaela71

    working a look

    17. "Sad, lonely, confused, depressed junior in high school to happy wife and mom of one amazing little man. Things do get better." β€”Courtney

    single to family

    18. "I went from an awkward, self-conscious, fully closeted teen who hated themselves and tried so hard to blend in with my peers to an androgynous, sexually fluid adult who doesn’t give a crap about people’s opinions. I like this version of me so much more." β€”Nicole

    awkward to not

    19. "10 years difference." β€”Baohanh


    20. "20 years difference" β€”Nathan

    muscle king

    21. "From an awkward 15-year-old who had no idea her feelings for girls were anything more than friendship (thanks, internalized homophobia) to a slightly less awkward 25-year-old who has been proudly out for several years. I still can't flirt to save my life, though." β€”ljvincent

    from awk to cool

    22. "If my formal date only knew..." β€”Nika

    2009 vs 2019

    23. "From 2008 to 2014 to now. I've felt less awkward about myself since I came out, and I'm proud to be a trans guy." β€”eggan

    much more comfortable

    24. "I took their advice and spiced up my life." β€”zgio

    spice girls king

    25. "Quite a transformation, I’d like to say." β€”AJC

    from drab to fab

    26. "From band T-shirts and bad haircuts to pumpkin picking and IPAs. I realized my eyebrows didn’t need to be plucked off my face and a mud mask routine does wonders. My sad little trapped queen was just dying to get out and tuck a skinny jean into a boot. Thanks to Cher, Celine Dion, and my beard." β€”Ryan

    from band tees to cool beard

    27. "From a scared, closeted band kid to a producer of an all-LGBTQ comedy festival. I'd say gay looks good on me." β€”Beth

    a much happier person

    28. "2009 Dylan: 'Straight,' overweight, unhappy with life, and single AF. 2019 Dylan: Gay and proud, 106 pounds lighter, happier than ever before, and has the greatest partner in crime I could ever imagine." β€”Dylan

    from single to cute couple

    29. "I promise I've grown out of the 'floating fist' pose too!" β€”Kyry5

    from awkward hover hand to cool mirror pic

    30. "The left is me with my first boyfriend and the right is me three years later with my first girlfriend. I grew up in a conservative West Texas town and spent most of my time forcing myself to be something I wasn’t. Now I’m living in a much less conservative town and finally gained the confidence to accept myself as I am. I truly never thought I could be so happy." β€”Miller

    from smiling to smiling bigger

    31. "Pretending to be straight at a high school dance with a boy (note the clenched fist) vs. Current me, very gay." β€”M

    from awk to confident

    32. "Ten years later, I'm happily out as gay, and I'm in my first gay relationship. I'm probably still as socially awkward and goofy, but it feels good to be true to myself and not trying to explain away my quirks/be internally homophobic." β€”Ross

    from awk to happy and handsome

    33. "Seven years of loving your authentic self does a body good!" β€”Erik

    from dorky to chic

    Have a gay glow-up of your own? Use the drop box below to show us a picture and tell us a little bit about your transformation for your chance to be in a future gay glow-up post.