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    Everyone Either Is Or Has A Gay Cousin And These 22 Tweets About The Gay Cousin Are Funny To Me And Probably You

    Shout out to all my Gay Cousins out there!! It's our time to shine baybee!!

    Hello LGBTQ people.

    A group of people of a variety of races and ages
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    It's that time of year.


    The time when we as gay people trek back to our hometowns to play our most important role at Thanksgiving dinner: the Gay Cousin.

    thanksgiving and christmas coming up?? the gay cousins really have no break from their job as the comedic relief

    Twitter: @kylieslibrary

    And if you don't have a gay cousin, then take a step back because chances are you ARE the gay cousin.


    Because we all need some support, let's take a look at some tweets about being the Gay Cousin.

    Y’all ready to be the gay cousin at dinner next week?

    Twitter: @whatsakoi

    It's about to get very chaotic for us.

    Gay culture is being that gay cousin who's gotta carry the weight of being the best family member.

    And it's time for us to shine.

    Twitter: @itsjojosiwa

    So yeah, here are 22 tweets that are funny to me because I'm, well, the Gay Cousin.



    Me, the token gay cousin, arriving at a family gathering


    me awakening from my slumber and taking my rightful place as the gay cousin at the holidays

    Twitter: @Gaabeee_


    someone: if you don't have a gay cousin you ARE the gay cousin me, at 14: but i don't have one??? me, at 21: .......OHHHHH


    Me finally realizing I’m the gay cousin at Thanksgiving.

    Twitter: @dahveezy88


    Me, the gay cousin, coming to save Thanksgiving by cooking dinner, keeping the family woke, and teaching my 92 year old grandpa what ‘wig’ means

    Twitter: @Cake_Jameron


    me, the gay cousin, showing up at family gatherings with my volatile opinions


    when you see the Other Gay Cousin showed up at a family event


    a few years ago I saw a post that said “everyone has a gay cousin, and if you don’t you’re the gay cousin” and I was always thinking “huh I wonder who in my family is LGBT” and I literally just realized oh shit it’s me


    my cousin told me she's a lesbian and im like if she's the gay cousin and im the gay cousin who's piloting the airplane


    Nobody: The gay cousin at christmas dinner:

    Twitter: @hannahdeansyy


    live footage of me disguised as "Not The Gay Cousin" during family christmas celebrations


    me walking in to see the other gay cousin @ the dinner table 2night

    Twitter: @venusaaur


    The gay cousin is always grandmas favorite, and that is FACT.

    Twitter: @conn_vince_me


    shoutout to all the gay cousins sitting like this at thanksgiving dinner

    Twitter: @marc_rowbish


    cheers to being the gay cousin yet AGAIN this holiday season!

    Twitter: @radcliffemcavoy


    Me, the gay cousin, getting asked how I've been by relatives on Thanksgiving.

    Twitter: @mattstopera


    Me (the gay cousin at Thanksgiving) trying to blend in.

    Twitter: @Gav_Guthrie


    Me arriving to Thanksgiving dinner as the designated gay cousin


    me and my gay cousins at thanksgiving dinner because my family favors me over them


    it’s not always easy being the gay cousin during the holidays but someone has to do it

    Twitter: @DrewDorriere


    Being the gay cousin at thanksgiving and having to watch the football game with over excited straight cousins

    Twitter: @Ryan_Matthew713

    22. And last but not least, some inspo to get you through the next month:

    be the gay cousin u want to see in the world