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30 Albums Only Gay People And The Absolute Best, Most Woke Straight Allies Know Exist

If you know, you know. And if you know, you're probably gay.

1. Blackout by Britney Spears


Quite possibly the most influential pop album of the past 20 years. It could be released today, and it would still sound just as fresh as it did in 2007. And that's a fact.

Best songs: Literally the entire thing.

2. Flesh Tone by Kelis

Interscope Records

Straight people think of Kelis and think "Milkshake." Gay people see Kelis and think of her 2010 opus, Fleshtone.

Best songs: "4th of July (Fireworks)" and "Acapella"

3. Bionic by Christina Aguilera

RCA Records

This album is literally the inventor of the term "ahead of its time" because it truly was.

Best songs: "Birds of Prey," "You Lost Me," "Vanity," "Desnudate," "Monday Morning," and my personal underrated favorite, "I Hate Boys."

4. Aphrodite by Kylie


A masterpiece! If only straight people had any idea who she even was.

Best songs: "Get Outta My Way," "Illusion," "Put Your Hands Up," "Better Than Today," "Everything Is Beautiful," and "All the Lovers."

5. Cinderella's Eyes by Nicola Roberts

A&M Records

The absolute best album released by a former member of any girl group ever.

Best songs: "Porcelain Heart," "Beat of My Drum," "Yo-yo," "Lucky Day," and "Sticks + Stones."

6. Heartstrings by Leighton Meester

Vagrant Records

Every time I listen to this album, I'm seriously like, "Damn, wait what?" from the iconic "Good Girls Gone Bad" to these gorgeous nine songs. Blair Waldorf snapped.

Best songs: "Run Away," "Heartstrings," "Sweet," and "Blue Afternoon."

7. JoJo's tringle


Just three excellent songs.

Best songs: All of them.

8. Body Talk by Robyn


Anything on this record is easily way better than anything the Beatles ever released.

Best songs: "Get Myself Together," "Fembot," "Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do," "Time Machine," "Call Your Girlfriend," and obviously "Dancing on My Own."

9. Out of Control by Girls Aloud


The absolute greatest album by a girl group of all time.

Best songs: "Miss You Bow Wow," "The Promise," "Live in the Country," "Revolution in the Head," and the greatest song over six minutes ever, "Untouchable."

10. Tangled Up by Girls Aloud


The second greatest album by a girl group of all time.

Best songs: "Control of the Knife," "Black Jacks," "Damn," "Can't Speak French," "Sexy! No No No...," and "Call the Shots."

11. Rated R by Rihanna

Def Jam

Rihanna's most underrated album.

Best songs: The single that got away, "Fire Bomb."

12. Caution by Mariah Carey

Def Jam

Mariah's easily one of the greatest songwriters of all time, and this was the first album critics (finally) recognized. It's sad the general public didn't.

Best songs: "A No No," "The Distance," and "Giving Me Life."

13. Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen

Interscope Records

The closest thing to a gay Bible that exists.

Best songs: "Boy Problems," "Run Away With Me," "Your Type," and "Warm Blood."

14. Confessions on a Dance Floor by Madonna

Warner Bros

Start to finish, tops to bottoms, Madonna's best album.

Best songs: "Push," "Get Together," "How High," "Jump," "Sorry," and obviously "Future Lovers."

15. Autobiography by Ashlee Simpson


The best indie rock album of all time.*

Best songs: "Better Off," "Love Me for Me," "Pieces of Me," "Nothing New," and "Undiscovered." *loljk

16. Breathe In. Breathe Out. by Hilary Duff

RCA Records

Hilary Duff makes great albums, and this is one of them. Her impact is criminally underrated!

Best songs: Besides "Sparks," there's also "Lies," "Tattoo," "Confetti," "My Kind," and "Brave Heart."

17. Glory by Britney Spears


Britney's best album in over a decade and a true return to form.

Best songs: "Man on the Moon," "Just Luv Me," "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes), "Better," and literally just everything else.

18. Melodrama by Lorde


Lorde dropped this album, created an onion ring Instagram account, and dipped. Come back.

Best songs: "Supercut" and "Perfect Places."

19. Any album by Charli XCX

Asylum Records

When that gay gave Charli a bottle of poppers and told her to say "gay rights!" that was history.

Best songs: "Vroom Vroom."

20. Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo

Island Records

I believe in Tove Lo, and you should too.

Best songs: "Moments," "Not on Drugs," "This Time Around," "Got Love," and "Timebomb."

21. Trouble in Paradise by La Roux

Polydor Records

La Roux made a trop pop album before trop pop even had a name!

Best songs: "Sexotheque," "Cruel Sexuality," "Paradise Is You"...all of it!

22. DK3 by Danity Kane


Danity Kane came back for about five minutes in 2014, dropped this great EP, started fighting again, and immediately broke up.

Best songs: "Rhythm of Love," "Lemonade," "Two Sides," and "Tell Me."

23. Aquarius by Tinashe

RCA Records

I will never give up on Tinashe. Ever!

Best songs: "Wildfire," "Pretend," "How Many Times," Bet," and "2 On."

24. Anything by Betty Who

RCA Records

Someday we will hear Betty Who's music at some place other than a gay Pride in rural South Dakota.

Best songs: "High Society" is so good.

25. Turn off the Light by Kim Petras


A cohesive pop Halloween album: Kim gave the gays exactly what they wanted.

Best songs: "Tell Me It's a Nightmare" and "Close Your Eyes."

26. Rainbow by Kesha

RCA Records

The high note in "Praying" signaled a definite cultural shift.

Best songs: "Boots," "Finding You," and "Praying" for that high note.

27. Disco by Kylie Minogue


The only thing that got me through Q4 of 2020.

Best songs: "Where Does the DJ Go?," "Say Something," and "Miss a Thing." But to be fair, every gay has their favorites on this record.

28. What's Your Pleasure? by Jessie Ware


Chill & vibey. The whole other end of the disco spectrum Dua Lipa went for.

Best songs: Honestly it's great from start to finish, but my personal favorite is "Remember Where You Are."

29. On a Roll EP by Ashley O


The greatest two-song EP ever.

Best songs: The only two on the album.

30. Chromatica by Lady Gaga


This is only on the list to encourage her to promote the damn album.

Best songs: The entire thing, but I'm a "Plastic Doll" girl at heart.

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Kevin Valente / BuzzFeed