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29 Tweets That Show Just How Awful Fyre Festival Actually Was

The original tweets.

If you're like me you can't get enough of anything Fyre Fest-related (Team Netflix doc BTW, though Hulu was great as well). Because I'm so addicted, I decided to go back in time and collect some of the original tweets. Enjoy.

1. The day before the start of Fyre Festival, people were still tweeting their excitement blissfully unaware of what was (or wasn't) awaiting them.

2. Reports were trickling in that the festival wasn't prepared, but still, like, YOLO.

@g_bluestone At MIA about to get on a flight there, YOLO 🔥 #fyrefestival

3. Meanwhile, the @FyreFraud was documenting the deleted Instagram comments on the Fyre page.

These are the comments on Instagram that Fyre Festival deletes. #FyreFestival is a scam.

4. Still, though, YOLO.

5. "Getting Fyre fly ready for flight!!!"

Getting Fyre fly ready for flight!!! #fyre #fyrefestival Filed under: Hollywood, Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins #…

6. They arrived to school buses: "We had to get off at one point so it could make it up a hill."

Don't forget the luxury transport. An old school bus, which we had to get off at one point so it could make it up a hill #fyrefestival 😂🚌

7. But they made it, and this is what they saw:

Just a selection of the tents with holes in, broken doors etc. #fyrefest #fyrefestival

8. The classic non-existent concierge:

9. The lockers:

These are the secure lockers at Fyre Fest. They forgot to tell us we needed locks. #fyrefestival #fyrefest

10. Overturned port-a-potties:

Beautiful sunrise. With a toppled portaloo in the foreground. #fyrefest #FyreFestival

11. The luggage:

This is how Fyre Fest handles luggage. Just drop it out of a shipping container. At night. With no lights. #fyrefestival

12. The "accommodations":

Stuck at #fyrefestival trying to leave for the last 8 hours. barley any food or water or security or electricity

13. "The doors didn't even close":

Shit strewn across the place. And the 'luxury' accommodation. The doors didn't even close. #fyrefest #FyreFestival

14. And then, the food. The iconic food.

A view of the luxury food court with some luxury school bus transportation at Fyre Festival. #fyre #fyrefestival

15. The food court was just, like, dirt and chairs you would see at senior citizens retirement home rec room.

The "gourmet cuisine" this weekend was included in the ticket cost. We are being fed salads and ham and cheese sandwiches out of this tent

16. THE cheese sandwich.

The dinner that @fyrefestival promised us was catered by Steven Starr is literally bread, cheese, and salad with dressing. #fyrefestival

17. I think I see a giant bag of raw carrots in the background.

One of the kitchens at Fyre Festival. #fyre #fyrefest #fyrefestival

18. So yeah, everyone lost their damn minds.

And it keeps getting funnier. #fyrefest #fyrefestival

19. This person needed therapy.

20. And this person almost died.

@USEmbassyNassau my phone dying Please send help 2 festival grounds Its chaos,tents are on fire, people fighting for food #fyrefestival

21. The stage actually didn't look too bad.

The stage would've been pretty lit too, honestly. Would've loved being plastered watching MIGOS on the beach

22. And that's...a ball pit?

As compensation for any ill will caused by #fyrefestival Official Staff has announced all attendees will get an extra hour in the ballpit.

I honestly don't know if this is real but I pray it is.

23. For those who survived the night, this is what they saw at the next morning:

24. This was the "VIP breakfast":

I'm hearing the THE US EMBASSY is sending help for us LMFAAOOOO what for??? I'm enjoying my VIP breakfast

25. The medical team vanished.

26. And people got locked in the airport.

27. They went on and off the plane.

We finally got on a plane at 1:30am and after 5 hours on the tarmac they kicked us off and told us to wait for another plane #fyrefest

28. "My stomach is eating itself."

Welcome to Exuma! Sunrise at Fyre Fest. Still on the same plane we've been on since 1:30 am. My stomach is eating itself. #fyrefestival

But they finally made it home.

29. The only thing they have left, quite literally, are those scam Fyre wrist band things.

Yrs from now my children will find this & ask, "what's Fyre?" but to answer that I must 1st tell them the story of Ja Rule #fyrefestival

The end.