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    FYI, The Love Child Of Zayn And Liam From One Direction Has Been Found

    Ziam is real, people. Ziam is real.

    Last week, people who thirst lost their fucking shit when someone posted pictures of a guy who looked like the love child of the two hottest guys (formerly) from One Direction: Liam and Zayn. This person was christened with the name Ziam.

    Well, because God is a good god, this beautiful child of love has been found.

    His name is Ariel Ben-Attar and he's an Israeli model.

    Cool thing is his social media presence is exactly what you'd want it to be...meaning there are mad shirtless selfies.

    See: Here.

    And here.

    Blah blah blah whatever another excuse to post a shirtless pic.

    Doo dooo doooooo.

    No shirts rules.

    More like ZiYUM.

    So yeah, if you're a thirst monster like me, then you can follow him on Instagram.

    Have a great day!