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    100 People Who Would Be Way Better Than Justin Timberlake At The Super Bowl

    I have issues.

    In case you haven't heard, Justin Timberlake is playing the Super Bowl this year. It is an awful choice.

    Minnesota. @SuperBowl LII. February 4, 2018. @jtimberlake! #PepsiHalftime #SBLII

    I'm falling asleep just reading this tweet!!!!

    So, here's 100 people that would be better:

    1. Britney Spears

    2. Rihanna

    3. Beyoncé, again

    4. Madonna, again

    5. Lady Gaga, again

    6. Adele

    7. Ariana Grande

    8. Shania Twain

    9. Shaggy

    10. Ja Rule & Ashanti

    John Parra

    11. Kim Zolciak singing “Tardy For The Party” 3x

    12. Everyone who was kicked out of Destiny’s Child

    13. Miss Juicy

    View this video on YouTube

    14. The Baha Men

    15. Evan & Jaron (the people who sing "Crazy For This Girl")

    16. Mr C. (The guy that sings “The Cha Cha Slide”)

    17. William Hung

    18. Fred Durst (solo)

    19. Mark McGrath (solo)

    20. The cast of Zoom all grown up


    21. Crazytown

    22. Vitamin C

    23. Stacie Orrico

    24. A reunion of the nuns from Sister Act


    25. An orchestra playing the Titanic soundtrack in full

    26. Samantha Mumba

    27. S Club 7

    28. Paolo & Isabella (from the Lizzie McGuire movie)

    29. Former American Idol host, Brian Dunkleman

    30. Literally just a random man reading Cher’s tweets

    31. My 10th grade English teacher discussing “Of Mice And Men”

    32. Jessie Spano recreating her caffeine pill addiction episode

    33. Just Kevin Jonas

    Ben Gabbe

    34. 3/5 of the Spice Girls

    35. Hoku

    36. Ren Stevens from Even Stevens singing “We Went To The Moon in 1969”

    37. Chingy

    38. Mya

    39. TATU

    40 The white guy from “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”

    41. Paige Davis (from Trading Spaces) giving tips about renovating

    42. Valentina lip syncing for her life (with mask on)


    43. My mailman

    44. A descendent of Babe, pig in the city

    45. Ryan Cabrera

    46. Teddy Geiger (sang that song about walking in the mall)

    47. Anna Nicole Smith’s cousin, Shelly

    48. Baby Bash (sang that song "Suga Suga")

    49. Nina Sky singing “Move Ya Body”

    50. Blu Cantrell

    51. The Ying Yang Twins

    52. The Raisinettes (those raisins that sing)

    53. Beans from Even Stevens

    54. Justin Guarini

    55. Kimberly Locke

    56. A reunion of the American Idol season three tour

    57. The Zack Attack (band from Saved By The Bell)

    58. Just the guy who had dreadlocks from O-Town

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    59. Deena from Jersey Shore

    60. Danielle Staub

    61. Everyone but Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach

    62. Just Lo Bosworth

    63. A barking dog

    64. IDK a turtle

    65. The Cellino & Barnes jingle on repeat

    66. The Snapple lady

    67. Samara (from The Ring)

    68. A literal ghost

    69. Taina singing the “Taina” theme song

    View this video on YouTube

    70. One of those talking fish people put on the wall

    71. A group of children crying

    72. A blender making a smoothie with a shit ton of really frozen fruits

    73. My mom yelling at me about saving money

    74. Just the Frasier theme song

    75. The sound of a mouse running in my room

    76. My parents talking about politics

    77. My drunk friends crying for no reason

    78. Lustra (the band from “Euro Trip”)

    79. Macklemore

    80. A fly in your room banging into shit

    81. When someone has a window open in the car and it fucks up your ears

    Bakibg / Getty Images

    82. My alarm

    83 Someone breathing loudly

    84. The sound of someone spitting

    85. A Maroon 5 coverband

    86. A motorcycle

    87. Kim Possible’s beeper noise for 12 minutes straight

    88. Haylie Duff

    89. Christina Aguilera screaming

    90. Jessica Simpson doing a medley from her flop country album

    91. Someone chewing gum loudly

    92. The Pussycat Dolls (without Nicole Schrwifajsdzger)

    Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

    93. Lady Gaga talking about how she’s Italian

    94. A horn

    95. A person blowing their nose

    96. My office fire alarm

    97. Coughing

    98. Yelling

    99. A person violently throwing up

    100. My dentist yelling at me for not flossing enough

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