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For Everyone Who Is Physically Attracted To Glenn On "The Walking Dead"

It's all about Glenn.

Here's the deal: There are a lot of hot guys on Walking Dead. Daryl and Rick get a lot of the attention, but, thing is, Glenn is also really hot. It's time for him to get the attention he deserves. And by attention, I mean exploitation. Sorry.

Oh, Glenn. Where do we begin?

How about how jealous we are of Maggie. That's a start.

Or how upset we were when the Governor damaged your face.

But hey cool. Whatever. We got a shirtless scene because of it. No worries.

I dig.

Your caps are also pretty cute.

Your T-shirts.

Your underutilized guitar skills. Sing me a song, Glenn. Sing me a song, you little sparrow.

Or just smile.

You rebel.

In real life, Glenn is Steven Yeun. He is, for a lack of a better word and because I am a teenage girl, hotter.

Probably because he isn't covered in dirt and rotting corpses.

The man can take a killer selfie.

And those geek glasses.

I die.

The way he poses with little statues of Norman Reedus.


And, get this, he still wears the caps.

It must also be noted the way he looks in a suit.

~Ooh la la~

~That smirk~

And in real life. Those biceps.

Really, those biceps.


Also LOL @ this middle school pic.

And LOL @ high-fashion Glenn.

To wrap everything up, Glenn is underratedly hot.

Even with the sweat stain and obvious lack of showers because of zombie invasion, I'd still be DTF.

Looks like we're going to have break into another convenience store.