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    For Everyone Who Suffers From Dramatic Window Staring Disorder

    You are not alone.

    Dramatic Window Staring Disorder (DWSD):

    One who enjoys dramatically looking out of car windows. This phenomenon occurs most often on public transportation and trains. It's usually accompanied by sad music. One who suffers from DWSD often pretends like they're in a movie or music video while they dramatically look out of windows.

    Exhibit A: This woman is on an hourlong car drive. Celine Dion is on the car radio. Everything is all coming back to her now. She's pretending to be more sad than she actually is. That's just what you do.


    Exhibit B: It's nighttime. This woman is in a cab in a city. She's looking at the lights and the people walking by. The lyrics to "My Immortal" by Evanescence are playing over and over in her head.


    Exhibit C: "White Flag" by Dido plays in his headphones. He will not go down with this ship. He stares at a couple making out at a stoplight. This is what a music video feels like.


    It's actually more common then you think. Thousands of millions of people suffer from it.

    The only talent I have is dramatically looking out of car windows when a sad song comes on

    I'm always pretending that i'm an actress while i'm dramatically looking out of the window in the car lol

    Sometimes I like looking out of windows while listening to music and pretending I'm in a music video


    Sometimes I sit dramatically looking out of windows hoping someone interrupts me like we're in a movie

    I love looking out of public transportation windows dramatically while playing a sad song


    Sometimes you just have to dramatically look out a car window

    I also like looking out of windows when it's raining and pretending I'm in a sad indie music video

    TBH I should be in a music video because I'm really good at looking out of windows during sad songs.

    I literally spend most of my life looking out train windows pretending I'm in a movie


    Forever looking out of car windows and pretending I'm in a music video..

    dramatically looking out of the window like I am in a music video

    H/t sansgod